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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Just finishing my first month

I am just finishing my first month (renewal date is December 9th) and I have added a payment voucher already....will my plan automatically renew on that date or do I have to do something else?? Thanks in advance 


Re: Just finishing my first month

@TeamTilley, if you have sufficient funds to pay for the plan renewal, there is nothing else that needs to be done.  Just sit back and let the system do the rest.  Just to warn you, if you do look into the account on the evening before the renewal day, you will see mention of the account being suspended.  This is part of the crazy metamorphosis that the account goes through in renewing.  It is best not to look into the account until the morning after to avoid the temptation of trying to intervene in a process that is normal.  As long as there is no disruption to the service, there is nothing to worry about in the account. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Just finishing my first month

Wow, I didn't know that either. I just did my first month and didn't check self serve the day before; glad I didn't! Thanks for the info. Grateful for all the info and helpful folks in this community.

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Just finishing my first month

@TeamTilley as @will13am mentioned as long as your voucher covers your plan amount, including taxes, so if your plan is a $35 plan you'll need a $40 voucher because $35 plus tax is $39.55.  then there's nothing else you need to do, it will process automatically and your service automatically continues.


Also, if you like your service and things are working out fine, then I suggest you sign up for autopay.  You'll never have to keep trying to remember when to top up, and you get $2 off your payment every month (basically free money).  On a $35 plan that 's like a 5% cash back bonus, not bad, "so what's in your wallet", says Samuel L. Jackson.

Re: Just finishing my first month

@dna2016, ou never add taxes to any payment value for Public Mobile.  This is wrong.


The value you buy, is charged tax, but you load the pre tax voucher amount.


Its the same with credit card payments in self-serve, you are charged the tax at payment, but you never see the tax on Public Mobile interfaces.


Do not by an extra large voucher to cover taxes, you’re just adding more than you need to.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Just finishing my first month

@dna2016 as @stonechucker mentioned, the info you gave was wrong.


If you were to purchase a $35 voucher at a retail location, they would charge your payment menthod $35 + [applicable taxes for your province], and hand you a voucher slip for the amount of $35.  You load the $35 into your Public Mobile account, and this is sufficient to pay for your $35 plan renewal.  You do not need to add extra funds to cover taxes, as they were collected by the voucher retailer already.

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