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Re: I have been overcharged twice and no one is resolving my issue

@HALIMACS wrote:


This is a great discussion - keep it coming.   It's great to see how it's rubbing some people in the right (or wrong) way  [i will not mention any users by name here...]   🤣


What I'm suggesting is that when someone is shopping around for a wireless service provider, it really is incumbent on them to understand the service provider they are dealing with BEFORE jumping in.   Would you not agree?


Thanks for the invite  but after thinking about this for a bit  I think I will decline further discussion  . I spent two years on a competitors bulletin board a few years back   watching the same things happen that i've seen going on here for the last few days  . You guys can line up with your suggestions to help those that show up here  but chances are not much will change   on the website or in the marketing that will make things function better so that less customers show up here . I guess you get to keep your plan prices down  by helping  others so that is good . 


I would like to point out again though ... you keep bringing up how people should know what they are getting into for a service provider  ... and as I pointed out on the other thread about "wanting to speak to a human" , how is a customer to know ? Two  of you posted marketing  ads for pm claiming they educated people as to what they were getting into .  Well there is a big difference between  online support( which when  the ad compared it  to telephone support would lead one to believe it is account support)  as the ads claimed and  bulletin board support (which many people are not familiar with) which there was no mention of  in the ads that you used as examples . Its great that  you guys get rewards for the time you spend here but i just don't  believe that PM  couldn't make changes to websites and policies  that would reduce the traffic here to next to nil  IF they wanted to .

On that note I said this just brings back memories of a lot of wasted time on a competitors BB so I think I 'll just go and use my phone  for the little bit I do and leave you guys  carry on your good work for PM . 


I would like to mention to the person that offered me their referral code on the day of my activation  and said if I opened a ticket and told the mod  I had forgotten to put it in they would likely do that and get me $10 off . I'm sorry , but I couldn't figure out how to open a ticket  so you won't be getting the $1 a month off your plan . 

Maybe if crap like that was nipped in the bud  along with some other improvements  maybe they could provide some true personal online support  with no adjustment needed to plan prices . 

Food for thought ? Cheers 




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Re: I have been overcharged twice and no one is resolving my issue

 @barndoor : All I knew was Telus. Being from the west, I already had brand loyalty. What I didn't have was inexpensive cell service. Now I do.


I looked at all the plans and looked at my average usage and decided on a plan. I had no real understanding of how the add-ons worked. I had no fore-knowledge of promos and frequency. I just came here and signed up.


I rarely ever really need any help from the provider. Sure calling someone is nice. But it's so infrequent that now after being here it doesn't matter.


Traffic has lowered a lot since I got here 35 months ago. It ebbs and flows a little but generally well down. This tells me that the company is fixing weaknesses. So what you say, has been happening.


So it becomes a tighter competition for the fewer new questions. But really...if we're all here for the pittance of a reward then we're not worth much. I truly believe people like to help others. Yes, the reward is a little nicety, but the time required to get a meaningful reward is crazy if that's what you're here for.


And an irony will be that you just might get a reward for April. 20 posts and 39 Bravos. Pretty good for just a couple days. Might.


As for the member that sent you a referral code...if you didn't ask for it openly or ask someone directly in private message then that person broke the terms of the place. You should report them.

Mayor / Maire

Re: I have been overcharged twice and no one is resolving my issue


I tried to exit this thread but someone left the @barndoor wide open so I think I'm going to let all the bulls... out. Like you I was a loyal longtime telus customer but was sick of paying way too much for the services I used. Unlike you I was a self confessed technophobe and flat out refused to join the 21st century technology age. In fact I had probably spent all of 10 hours online or in front of a computer screen in my entire life.


It was the passing of my partner in 2016 who used to handle all things computer that forced my hand and I gained an extra 9 hours of technology experience that led to my discovery of public mobile in some web article I read. But it was pretty clear to me when I first switched what was my late partners phone/service from freedom to pm that lower cost came with a support only and DIY account management.


How is it if one has spent 2 years on a competitors BB that one is unaware of pm's business model? Then again I searched for answers on just about all of the competitor's "community's" and frankly they suck! But pm makes no bones about it...its on their advertising, the sim card packaging, the website and the community (neither of which I hadn't even been on until two weeks into my tenure as a customer)and I referred the bf and created our self serve accounts and I joined the community with a gigantic learning curve ahead of me just to prove to the bf that a call centre was unnecessary.


For one to spend two weeks on the community and determine that public mobile is never going to change or improve is very short sighted. Public mobile has continued to strive towards updating its website, the recently updated activation portal, the soon to come newly improved self serve accounts, the removal and return of number porting within your account with an industry wide standard procedure to prevent porting fraud. The removal of the sim card change in our accounts to prevent sim jacking until adequate security measures can be implemented.


A hiring drive to increase moderator staffing that has dropped average wait times from 48 hours to an average of 2 hours and often an hour or less. Simple simon improvements to prioritize support ticket urgency. Countless little glitches fixed from the 24 textless hours when returning from roaming in the US to some work in progress YMMV texts warning of autopay failures and upcoming credit card expiry.


Different types of promotions with extended flash sales thru email sign ups in response to covid-19, promocodes, more of more the merrier free gifts, plan improvements ( lol...mostly!) Remember folks the doubting naysayers to the improvement of the $35/1.5gb plan? Now with double the data at 3 gb! Public mobile halved the price of the 1gb data add on from $30 to $15 and the 200mb from $10 to $5. A much expanded choice of international calling add ons that almost universally lowered the price to mere pennies per minute.


The community itself has changed after feedback "contest" threads( kinda miss those where you could earn free 1gb add on just for giving your opinion). One on one phone call interviews between community members and pm managers and virtual google meet community feedback sessions that lead to more user friendly boards, easier to understand community rules, etiquette and tutorials to help new members get the most out of the community and cut down on repetitive questions about the community. And we're promised there are more exciting changes to come....Public mobile actually does listen to its community and tries to implement good suggestions sometimes suprisingly fast when feasible.


All this has happened ( and more I'm sure I haven't mentioned all of the changes) in the last 20 months since I moved my two accounts to public mobile and joined the community to get help, give help and share ideas. It's a heck of a lot slower around here nowadays I used to be able to stay up all night helping out now I'm lucky if we get hit by a spam attack in the middle of the night. We may have started out here to earn rewards but we stay here because we're addicted to helping others, saving money on our phone bills, both complaining and complimenting public mobile in the same breath and passionate about keeping affordable and accessible mobile plans and service for everyone!


One last thing before shut this @barndoor you may not want the $10 bonus referral credit nor give a $1 reward to an opportunistic member but since you can't seem to muddle your way by simple simon to submit a support ticket ( nor can I be bothered to be frustrated to no end) at some point you will need moderator assistance. I supplied you with a very effective and detailed post about how to send a private message to the moderators for a service request.


You may have left food for thought but I have left a feast for the eyes in the lounge. Enjoy!

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Re: I have been overcharged twice and no one is resolving my issue


Might? I guarantee you there is $2 sitting in the community reward section. If not the first and second bottle of wine is on me...😃🥂

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