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Mayor / Maire

Re: How to Escalate "Come back to Public for up to $200 of sweet savings off your annual phone

@NDesai wrote:


This seems like a win back offer automatically sent to accounts that ported out? Interesting to see another strategy taking place to bring back leaving customers.

It is encouraging to see new innovation to get customers but I have to admit I get tired of the people complaining every time there is a promotion that “Why aren’t us loyal customers able to take advantage of this offer”. Sometimes these “loyal customers” have been with PM three even FOUR months already. It drives me nuts as other cell companies don't even give the little gifts to current customers that PM does and PM is the inexpensive guy, not the big time operator. SO, offers like this just make me think of people gaming the system switching back and forth to see whet they can get ultimately driving the companies costs up.



Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: How to Escalate "Come back to Public for up to $200 of sweet savings off your annual phone

They do give little gifts every so often.  For example, last Christmas, everyone received 400 international calling minutes and 1GB of data, both rolls over until used up.  Last summer, they also give away 1GB of data to everyone as well!  Both existing customers only.


However, I can agree that existing customers do not receive enough promotions.  Maybe it’s because we’re spoiled that postpaid providers have a retentions department to negotiate rates, but it’s how Public Mobile runs.  I’d admit this one a bit of a rub in the face...  With the $15 plan, this essentially becomes $3/mo first year after the discount and autopay.  What happened to customer loyalty?