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How do I set up AutoPay?


AutoPay is a free service that allows you to pay for your wireless service automatically using a credit or VISA Debit card. With AutoPay, you never have to worry about missing your payment. Even better, if you are on a Rewards Eligible plan, you can start earning a recurring AutoPay Reward that will bring your plan cost down. Here’s more on AutoPay Reward.



How does AutoPay work?


On your payment due date, AutoPay will automatically charge the amount owing or a pre-selected amount of your choice from your credit or VISA Debit card.


How do I set up AutoPay?


You can sign up for AutoPay when you activate or you can do so anytime online using your Self Serve account.


First, you need to register your credit card, here's how to do that.


After your credit or VISA Debit card has been registered, you can now set up AutoPay. To do this, please follow the steps below:


  1. Go to the “Payment” tab
  2. Click on the “AutoPay” tab
  3. Place a check mark on "Yes, I want to register for AutoPay”
  4. Simply add your payment method information
  5. Click “Register for AutoPay” to automatically calculate your plan cost minus any Rewards.


Payment_AutoPay_Register for AutoPay.png


Note: If you signed up for AutoPay prior to August 2015, you can change your AutoPay settings so that your credit card is charged the amount owed vs. the set amount you originally enrolled with. To switch, simply remove AutoPay in the same AutoPay tab by clicking on “Remove AutoPay” and then re-register.


Last updated on 10/08/2015

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Re: How do I set up AutoPay?

Cool videoSmiley LOLNsharif shouldn't have any more trouble finding how to sign up for PAP.

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