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Re: How can I pay for my service?

@dlovestoshare, if you have a VisaDebit card attached to your chequing or savings account, you can use that to essentially do the same thing.  Rather than just scheduling the payment through your online banking site, you're doing on PM's site.

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Re: How can I pay for my service?

@stonechucker True and thanks for the suggestion.

That said, my preference is to manage all my accounting in one place and would like to know if PubMo will provide this option anytime in the near future.


Credit Card companies generate revenues from every way possible, including charging PubMo fees for processing our payments. Since this is the only way to pay PubMo "conveniently", this provides a higher volume for the credit card processor and thus provides a better discount. Obviously, automation is another factor for overhead with banking fees with whatever programming/labour, etc to process these transactions.  I just would like, once the highest echelon of discount has been reached, the bean counters allow more options for customer convenience


Cable Companies, Credit Card Companies, Insurance and Investments companies, Municipal Utilities & Taxes, Oil Companies, Retail Stores, Schools, Utilities, and yes... Telecommunications & Internet companies...

ABC Communications
AIC Global Communications Inc
Aliant Mobility /PEI
Aliant Mobility NS/NB
All Communications Network Of Canada
Alternet Internet
ASI Computer Technologies Canada Corp
BC Online
Bell Canada including Bell One bill
Bell Mobility Cellular
Bell Mobility Paging
Bell MTS Home Services
Bell MTS Wireless
Bell West Inc
Bell Wireless Alliance Service Inc
Call Select Incorporated
Can Com Electronics
China Creek Internet
Cityfone Telecommunications
City Telecom BC Inc
City West Cable and Telephone
Convergia Networks Inc
Distributel Communications Limited
Fido Solutions Inc
Freedom Mobile
Glentel Inc
Globalstar Canada Satellite Co
Impact Telecom
Internet Lightspeed
Island Internet Inc.
Itelya Communications
Koodo (formerly PC Mobile)
Koodo Mobile Sales & Purchases Ltd.
Mascon Cable Systems
Metcom Canada Limited
Mountain Internet
NECC Telecom Inc
Network Integrated Communications Ltd
North West Tel
One Connect Services Inc
PageMart Canada Limited
Paging Network Of Canada
POIU Telecommunications Inc
President Telecom Corp.
Primus Telecom Canada
Pulse Telecom Inc
Pure Channel
Rogers 6 Digit Account Number
Rogers 9 Digit Account Number
Rogers Paygo
Sasktel Mobility
Sears Connect Long Distance
Selectcom Inc
Select Communications Inc
Selectcom Telecom
Shaw Business Solutions
Sicamous Internet
Solo Mobile
Startec Canada
Sunshine Communications Ltd
Teksavvy Solutions Inc
Tel 1 Service
Telecom Options Inc
Telesave Communications
Telus Communications BC Inc.
Telus Mobility Inc
Telus Services Inc
Times Telecom - Times Tel
TNW Networks Corp
Uniserve Communications Corporation
Virgin Mobile (Client ID 14 Digit)
Westcoast Teltch
Wink Wireless
Wintel Communications Inc. Cnc
World Link Communications Inc.
Xplornet Communications Inc
Yak Communications (Canada) Corp

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Re: How can I pay for my service?

@dlovestoshare Public Mobile is very much a "you get what you see today", discount mobile provider.  If you don't see a feature you'd like, please assume that it will effectively never be offered.  If one day it is, you will be pleasantly surprised; on the other hand, if you keep expecting it to be added and it isn't, you're going to be continuously disappointed.  If this is a feature that's a deal-breaker for you, you may want to look at moving your service to another provider.  I don't say this in a snarky way, I say it in a "it is what it is" way and PM isn't one-size-fits-all.

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Re: How can I pay for my service?

@dlovestoshare, I'm not sure how I missed your list of various companies that do what you want, but I did notice now, neither of the other lowest tier cellular providers is on your listed companies.  Both Lucky Mobile (owned by Bell), and Chatr (Rogers) are omitted, and most likely for the same reason, it's costly to develop and offer to the customer, when they already provide the credit card or debit visa, or multiple other options.