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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

First Auto Payment


I signed up with Public Mobile on Feb 26 on autopay and referred my husband too. We got the 30$ plans and expect to see the $10 discount for months 2 to 7. What I'm confused about is that we have both been charged $33.90 already on our credit cards. We were expecting to see the $2 autopay discount on our bills and an additional $1 discount on mine for the referral. I can see the rewards on my online account. Can someone please explain how it all works? We also should have got a $25 reward each for the promotion that was going on. In fact, I see $37 "fund" on my online account. Really lost why we were charged full price. Not sure if we are supposed to do something. Any help or clarification would be appreciated. I can provide account number if needed.


Mayor / Maire

Re: First Auto Payment

@Nadi2292  Because you never had a renewal yet. You first signed up, paid the full price, then the rewards are credits / converted to balance during renewal.

Mayor / Maire

Re: First Auto Payment

If you have $37 of credit


next month (30 days)


will be +1 referral +2 autopay =40

-30 plan


You will not be charged (it will be like your entire next month is free), and still have $10 available funds

Then another $10 credit you will have 20 available funds


Then next next renewal you will get +1+2


Have 23 available balance and your credit card / method of payment will be charged $7 + tax


Then going forward every month your balance will gain $10 per month and +1+2 at renewal and your card will make up the difference.


Once your $10 credits are exhausted you will get the +1 referral +2 autopay during your renewal converted to funds


So essentially then you will be paying $27+tax

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: First Auto Payment

Great to hear! Thank you!

Mayor / Maire

Re: First Auto Payment

@Nadi2292  One great part about money put into your account, is the money is actually after taxes


So when they give you $10, its like getting $10+tax


same with $1 referral, and $2 autopay


Its like getting $3.39 not $3.00 (If you have 13% tax)