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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Credit card info not mine, charge back and disabled account...

Hi, I'm going to try to break this down as best I can and I have been in contact with Mods but at this point I'm not satiafied with the response.


To give this background, I used to be a public mobile customer and then I swtiched over to Koodo. But back in July I wanted to switch back to public mobile so I got a new SIM and tried to activate my account but couldn't because my phone number was tied to my old account (that had been disabled). So after contacting a few moderators here, they helped me reactive my old account.   But I never went in and checked the autopay after reactivation as I didn't think about it right away and worst case it was my old account so figured either it was still tied to my credit card or public mobile would let me know (bill me).  Now fast forward a few months and my service one morning is cut as autopay didn't work and now I have a bill past due... So I login and check autopay and WTF the credit card there is not mine? I don't understand where this card came from or why it is tied to my account? But I just delete it and enter in my proper info and they payment goes though no problem and I have service again... I gotta get to work, so it's a small mysery, but I forget about it as I have service...


But now fast forward to yesterday and I wake up with no service again? Try to login to my account and see what's up and my account is disabled? Ok... so I know the drill, I hope on the community forum here and one of the Mods tells me my Sept payment was charged back to the credit card and their finance department is pretty pissed about it and demanded a certified check or  money order be sent to barrie within 30 days if I want my account back... like wft?  


I know I didn't initiate a charge back and I'm looking though my bank statement to see if I was refunded any money and I was not, but looking further, nor can I find a Sept payment to Public Mobile at all.  So I'm pretty sure I owe them the money, but then who paid back in September?   That's when I remember that unfamiliar card on my autopay and immediately PM everything I know to the Mods explaining this, they respond that they're going to look futher into this charge back...


But I'm not satisfied wtih there response at this point, they gave me a timeline and that's about all.  This is what they wrote back: 


"In order for you to feel more comfortable with the information I would like to provide more details about the account history. 

By July 26th the credit card ending in (OTHER CC) was added to your account, and it has remained attached  since then. By October 22nd the credit card was declined by your financial institution; right after, a new credit card ending in (MY CC) was added  (This card is the same one used at activation).


Later on, the notification was sent from the bank  in regards of the charge back for September 22nd on the credit card (OTHER CC). If you need to get more details in regards of the charge back you need to get in touch with the bank, the reason for that is because only the card holder can request that transaction with them directly.


If you need more questions you can always reach us."


That's about right considering what I explained to them, I activated with my CC and only inputted my info into autopay after I realized that the CC info was wrong...  Now I explained in my response that I can't look into the charge back since that other CC is not my credit card!


If I made a misake here, it was not watching my credit card statements closely enough as I didn't realize that someone else was getting billed for my account, that's about all.. I don't know how that other CC got tied to my account and I can't help but wonder if it has something to do with how the Mods activated my account back in July when I asked them for help?  It makes no sense to me and I've asked them to explain how that can be possible, how can someone else info get tied to my account?? But so far no response to this...


As of right now I still have no service, my account is still disabled.  Considering the circumstance, I feel like they are being very heavy handed  disabling my account and this could have been resolved with an email or even text msg... Seems like a simple screw up, no one is trying to be shady here and this is how they treat customers? It's garbage.... I'm seriously wondering if I was better off at Koodo or some place else...



Re: Credit card info not mine, charge back and disabled account...

Oh, this one is messy.  I do know that if a customer leaves their credit card on file in an account and closes the account by porting out, sometimes the deactivated account is still charging the credit card.  It doesn't always happen, but some customers have complained about that.  Switching to someone else's credit card is a new one and a huge security flaw.  It is definitely in the best interest here to give you the benefit of the doubt and do a thorough investigation before pointing fingers at anyone.  This oddity kind of matches up with an old bug where you cannot use the same credit card in more than two separate accounts.  I ran into that problem.  It totally makes no sense as each account is separate and why should the system interrogate other accounts and track how many times the same credit card is used.  Anyway, if you are not satified with the treatment, there is always the CCTS who can help.   

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Credit card info not mine, charge back and disabled account...

Thanks for the reply, I'll consider the CCTS option. But not at this point... I don't know if it was human error, policy error or a bug in how the system stores, sorts or recycles old info (in this case the old account data)... I agree there are definietly security issues here.  But my main concern is more in line with how long will it take to get resolved  as at this point I have not been given the benefit of the doubt, so I'm oprating without a cellphone and I have no clear direction in how long this is going to take to resolved.