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Mayor / Maire

Re: Credit Card Not Verified

@gblackma wrote:

@z10user4 your 611 reference diagram says that you can remove, or add autopay. Are you saying it isn't possible now? Thanks. 

That's autopay. That's an extra thing to do with a pre-registered card.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Credit Card Not Verified

@frasermacrae wrote:

Thank you for this advice. I have tried all of that and am waiting for a moderator

For future reference, let us know when you get resolution and what the original problem was.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Credit Card Not Verified

Hi, I had the same problem on earlier this week and my account was suspended after a year of everything working properly with monthly payments.  For some reason auto-pay was no long able to charge my credit card and I tried entering my credit card directly to make a payment and that did not work either. I bought a $10 voucher from to test if that would work and it did. However, when I tried to buy another voucher to make up the rest of the amount they also wouldn't accept my credit card.  Throughout this process, the mod was helpful to me with information and was quick to respond.

Finally today, after several days without any phone service, I went back into my account and was able to make a payment using my credit card.  I recall reading on this forum to type in exactly your name and address as it shows up in your credit card/online banking.  Also, I typed my name in all CAPS as it shows up on the card. For whatever reason, this worked for me today. Hope you have some luck getting your phone back up and running.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Credit Card Not Verified

For anyone interested in the solution:


Public Mobile's financial team blocked my credit card because they noticed that some details from the card did not exactly match my account. I am not sure what details they had a problem with since everything looked identical to me. Nevertheless, moderators have assured me that the financial team will fix the problem within the next 48 hours.


I would like to add that I have been a public mobile customer for over a year and have not had a problem until now. I also did not make any changes to my account or payment information to trigger this response from Public Mobile. A moderator suggested that my financial institution may have made slight changes to my account information but, as far as I can tell, in conversing with my financial institution, this was not the case.


Thank you to everyone who had suggestions for me! The response from the community was terrific and I am very grateful for all of your help.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Credit Card Not Verified


   I think the answer to this is using ALL CAPS. As the moderator suggested your financial institution may have made minor changes to your billing. Compare an old statement to your new one ( if you get paper billing.) This is harder to notice if you get electronic billing or for the financial institution to notice as well.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Credit Card Not Verified

This has been the bane of my life for the past few months and today I FINALLY managed to add my debit card!


My bank formats my address as 1234 - 10 Fake Name Street and when I was entering it in the same way it didn't work. When I shortened 'Street' to 'St' it worked!


So the successful format for me was: 1234 - 10 Fake Name St


Hope this helps!

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