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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Charged Twice

I went renew my plan i used my credit card selected amount due. Public Mobile charged my card but instead of activating my plan it just put the funds in my account. I tried to activate my plan it kept sending me to the credit card screen. I thought maybe it was tax I was short, forgetting that they already charge you tax when you add funds. Again the money just added to my account frustrated at this point so i said screw it and went to activate the 40 dollar plan instead which is cheaper but after i selected the $40 plan it said that I still owe money i had $57.60 available how is it i still owe money now?


Re: Charged Twice

@vinnieJNF187 , if you are renewing the same plan, all you need to do is top up which is what happened based on your description.  Funds were put into the account and on renewal night, the system will take that money and renew the plan automatically.  You don't need to do any more.  I am not sure exactly what you did.  If you could post the payment history with personal information blanked out, the community can try to help you sort things out.