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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Card management

I have to change my card information but when I do it tells me the card provider has declined the payment (or something like that).  I have called Capital One and they can see I registered the card (twice actually) and that I tried to put it in Public Mobile for my payment plan but it was declined.  There is no problem on their end and I was told to talk to you. I have tried to put in the information many times.  Please advise. 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Card management

You can try and remove your credit card that's registered and re-add it (or another card).  It's best to wait a while (eg. atleast an hour) before retrying payment to see if this resets your payment issue.  Make sure your address and other credit card information match what you've inputted to minimize any declines.  You can manually try and top-up with $1 as well to see if you can manually have the payment authorized in case the system has glitched anywhere.


Edit: I would try and rework your credit card (either re-add or replace) first to see if you can get the system working for you as it would be faster and something you may be able to fix yourself.  If that fails and you believe it's account-specific related, you can reach a Moderator, who is staff with Public Mobile.  Click on the chat bubble in the lower-right corner to open a ticket through the SIMon chatbot and you can authenticate/associate your account with your ticket, or alternatively messaging the Moderator Team directly at:


Note - we're all Public Mobile customers just like you but often have ideas that can help... only the Moderators are actual staff here.  🙂

Mayor / Maire

Re: Card management


You may want to wait until tomorrow if you have tried too many times....please note the limits on the amount of tries you are allowed below....


Follow this method when making a manual payment/adding a card to the account....only use the emboldened portion of the instructions if the payment card is already on file.


  1. Reboot your device.
  2. Clear your browser, use secret/incognito mode in firefox, chrome or safari.
  3. Choose replace card rather than remove card.
  4. Copy your address from your billing statement.
  5. Add your apt/unit/suite # to the street address. ie. 101-123 1ST AVE W, CITY, PROV.
  6. Do not put a space in the postal code. X0X0X0 not X0X 0X0.
  7. USE ALL CAPS if necessary.
  8. Do not use autofill. Type everything manually.

Once you successfully update your card do not attempt your payment immediately. Log out/in then go to make a payment to pay for your renewal. Otherwise if you were not suspended I would recommend a $1 test payment. Follow my further instructions for a successful payment to unsuspend your account.


Do not try more than two attempts at adding a card or payments ( successful or not) or you will continue to get this message. Wait at least 1 hour to try a third time another hour for your 5th try....and so on....and do not make more than 4 unsuccessful tries with the same card in a 24 hour period or you will trigger a fraud alert lock out requiring assistance from the moderators.



Go to make a payment. Choose the "other amount" option and add $1 more than the amount owing and submit the payment. If that is successful go back to your overview page and if it does not say active  click on the reactivate button. If that works log out and reboot. If that does not work and your payment is in your balance rather than showing $1 then go to the usage or plans page. Click on lost/stolen and suspend your service. Log out/in. Resume your service. Your balance should now be $1. Log out and reboot

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