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AutoPay not withdrawing from my credit card

I have AutoPay enabled, but every time my paid term expires, my plan deactivates until I make a manual payment. I assumed that AutoPay would automatically withdraw the required funds directly from my credit card. Is that correct?


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Re: AutoPay not withdrawing from my credit card

@levimill, that is how AutoPay should work... it should make the payment without your involvement.


When my payment goes through, it actually occurs early morning the 'day-after' the payment date listed on the Overview page.  My plan has never disabled, but does take until noon somtimes to actually reflect as renewed, and have databank reset to full.


Are you actually experiencing a lost of service before you manually pay?  If so, private message the moderators, detailing your experience, and provide your account number, and pin.


Re: AutoPay not withdrawing from my credit card

@levimill, it is strange that your auto pay consistently fails.  As already mentioned the auto payment is actually completed the day after the date shown in the overview page.  The idea is the date on the overview page is the due date to have funds in the account for those who are not using auto pay.  The follow day, the funds are taken and applied to the payment.  Definitely have the moderator team check into the auto payment problem.