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Updated: Contacting our Community Moderators

 Hey Community,


As you know, our Community is the place to get and give help on everything Public Mobile. It’s also where you can get assistance from our awesome Community Moderators when needed.


Who are the Community Moderators? What do Community Moderators do?

Community Moderators are a team of individuals who work behind our @Moderator_Team account to help serve our customers by answering their questions and providing technical assistance. They also ensure that information posted adheres to Public Mobile’s Terms and Conditions.  


When are the Community Moderators available?

  • Community Moderators are available from Mon-Friday 9am (EDT) to 9pm (EDT) and Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9am (EDT) to 7:30pm (EDT)


When should I contact a Community Moderator?

A great question! The following are a couple of scenarios where you should consider contacting our Community Moderator account:

  • If you’re currently having a problem with your Public Mobile service (i.e. activation issues, port issues, data services etc.)
  • If you’ve ordered a SIM card and it has been more than 7 business days and you still haven’t received it.  
  • If you’ve posted a question in the Community and the Community hasn’t been able to find an appropriate solution


How should I contact the Community Moderators?

There are couple of ways you can contact our Community Moderators:

  1. Private Messaging: You can do this by searching for our unique Community Moderator’s profile avatarmoderator_icon.JPG then, on the right-side of their profile, click on “Send this user a private message”
  2. Tagging: If you would like a Moderator to weigh-in on a discussion, simply tag the moderator account in the post you created i.e. @Moderator_Team

How can I view my private messages between myself and a Community Moderator?

If I do need Moderator assistance, what information should I provide?

  • Once the Community Moderator has responded to your private message, they will provide you with a secure link so they can authenticate your account information
  • In order to validate your account information, you will be asked for 1) Your account number and 2) Your PIN number


How quickly should I expect a response from a  Community Moderator?

  • During business hours, we strive to answer all customer messages/inquiries as soon as possible. Usually, that is within an hour, but in peak periods, it could be as much as within 48 hours of receiving the message.


What other ways can I get assistance if the Community Moderators are not available?

  • Ask our Chatbot Simon
  • Try posting your question in the Community Forums.  Our Oracles and customers are super knowledgeable and could answer your question quickly!


-Public Mobile Community Team


 Updated July 11th, 2017 

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Jeremy_M wrote:


When should I contact a Community Moderator?

  • When you have posted an issue you’re having with our products or services to the Community boards and haven’t received a reply that has resolved your issue
  • When one of our Oracles decides that your question/issue needs moderator assistance 

@Jeremy_M just a clarification... so we should all try to help to the best of our abilities, and leave it to the Oracles to decide if the issue requires the help of a moderator? If that's the case, it means no more posting, "You'll need the help of one of our moderators @Shazia_K @Mary_M @Saray_O"


Wow, definitely a game changer (less opportunity to get bravos -- haha)! Robot Very Happy

I think, if it's obvious the situation requires a moderator, then tag away. But let's see what Jeremy says.


Only the 3 for Community moderation, but I like to chip in once and a while if that's okay Smiley Happy



Happy that you find the information useful!



Unfortunately, no solution...however, it does not hamper our ability to assist Community members 



Thank you for sharing the idea on the Public Lab Robot Happy + @Rockdaddy22 In response to your last comment "we should all try to help to the best of our abilities" - agreed! (I edited the Wiki as well)





Please post this under Featured Topics.


Sadly, some new users spend no time in the Knowledge Base but all see Featured Topics.


@Jeremy_M--I agree with @Luddite.  Please feature this if possible!


This is very helpful - will make sure I use this now for tagging modertators for those billing/porting issues.


Maybe we could get a tag like @Mod so we don't have to remember who is a moderator that way folks can change jobs or roles within PM behind the scenes but the tagging stays current.


What I additionally suggest, is to stop tagging mods in the same posts if another member already did this. It gets really annoying with the time to see the tagging over and over again and is contra productive as the pool of questions gets overfilled.


@ute1978 I agree 100%. If someone has already tagged the moderators, don't tag again!


@imcphers I'm hoping for same thing. Maybe @PM_Moderators. The shared username has been suggested a few times, so hopefully PM has that change up their sleeve.


This post answered lots confusions. AwesomeSmiley Wink


Ouch. I didn't know there's a new thing about this. So, you only need to tag one of the moderators and all of them will receive it if there are available. Noted. 


This is a great clarification! Now we know that we only need to tag one moderator and the question will be seen by all moderators! Smiley Very Happy


Love that this question is clarified. Should be easy for anyone now to understand the dynamics of how their questions and/or concerns are addressed

Thanks for your help, moderators Smiley Very Happy Hope you have a great time!

Good Stuff! Keep up the good work Pb!!


@Jeremy_M, a minor correction to your OP, you added @Caroline_D but left the line above as 3 moderators. But anyway, it's awesome that you are adding more help, with all the new people flooding in from the promo, the moderators sure have been busy lately!


@Caroline_D, welcome to Public Mobile!

A huge PM welcome to @Caroline_D
When did this happen? lol

Welcome @Caroline_D!  Did you ever pick an exciting time to join the moderators team!  Robot LOL


Glad I keep checking other topics, good to hear another moderator (ps I only tag Mary as her name is the shortest since it goes to all 4 for you now). Welcome aboard to this busy peak time Smiley Happy

@JaK, is it better now?  Smiley Happy


Hey guys! Caroline is a new community moderator in training right now Smiley Wink you guys will have the chance to chat with her as of Monday Smiley Very Happy 

Thanks for the update @Shazia_K Smiley Happy

Is there a process for escalating issues when the community moderators are unable or unwilling to resolve them?



@Shazia_K Smiley Happy (I did say minor...)

Wow. They keep on adding community moderator. That's actually nice.

This is helpful. Thanks guys. 


I've been trying to reach the moderator for 2 days but still no feedback.  


To @goranwong and anyone else trying to reach a moderator. If they don't respond right away, it just means they're busy. Don't keep private messaging and tagging them to get their attention. Do it once and wait. I can understand how frustrating it is when your service isn't working, but you're in the same boat as others.


To speed things up...

When sending private messages to the moderators, there is certain information that should be included. Refer to the message Mary_M just posted that addresses this very thing! 

**Information required before sending a message




Yes I tried to be patient but all my help requests  went to the black hole. At least they should let me know where am I in the line but not keep us waiting.


It's been 3 days since I my activation failed, no service, no reply on help request but payment charged right away.




I agree with this suggestion that some feedback as to where we are in line would go a long way in easing frustrations. For many people our phones are crucial for work so these issues can have a huge impact on our lives.

I've been waiting patiently for a few days now for help with a stuck number port. This is beyond frustrating. Do I need to get a loaner phone? For how many more days?

@Shazia_K | @Mary_M | @Saray_O | @Caroline_D

Hi Folks; @Shazia_K @Mary_M @Saray_O @Caroline_D
Just trying to get a progress report from any of the Mods that r working today. I V e noticed on my private posts area that none of my emails that I ve sent have been read.
Any timeline as to when my porting problem with will addressed?
They are trying to get to them as quick as possible, unfortunately no time frame as of now.
@Jeremy_M Maybe you could update this part of the original post. Given people are waiting 4days to have private messages read. Just so people know what they could expect, at least in the short term.

How quickly should I expect a Community Moderator to respond to me?
During our business hours, our Community Moderators strive to respond to you within 20-30 minutes of you tagging or private messaging them
I think a little bit of reassurance would be helpful, say, in the form of an auto reply from the mods that they received your PM and will get to them as soon as possible. In the auto reply PM it could have links to common concerns?

Hi, I send 2 inquiries concerning being unable to port/register my number to PM. both times they responded that the message was received and I should expect an answer within 48 hours and sofar I have not received a response. I do not want to miss out on the great special they are offering with a deadline of Nov. 20. Please help anyone

I have PM'ed 2 moderators on Saturday morning. One of the lines I ported was unsuccessful on Thursday night. It is now Monday and no one has contacted me yet.....



Your posts aren't going to be visible tacking them onto the end of this thread. Only those who have already replied in here and have kept the "Email me when someone replies" box checked will see your posts.


May I suggest it would be better if you posted a new message by going to either Discussions or Getting Started and clicking on the Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 10.42.36 AM.pngbutton. I've been telling those who've been waiting upwards to a week for a response to keep tagging and private messaging the moderators. It seems if you're loud in the community, you get help.


Why was this thread removed from the sticky threads?  For new users it's an invaluable starting point (the number of times I've referred people to this thread is huge).



I am really looking for some help with proper activation of my SIM card. My email to PM has not been answered (been 3 days now) and my private messager to a moderator has not been read either. Please help! 


Thanks for this great Thread. Very useful for new users !! 

Great thread, very useful and helpful for new users.

Thanks, helpful

I can't receive incoming calls @Mary_M
I can't receive incoming calls @Jeremy_M

Hey @LisaM it would be better if you started a new thread about your incoming calls issue. Posting at the bottom of this won't get you any exposure and the moderators are pretty busy and might not get to your tagging of their names. I'd suggest one of the following...


1) Post a new message -- if you go to the Discussions section, you can click the Screen Shot 2016-11-06 at 10.42.36 AM.pngbutton. Include more details of your issue so the Community can help. Don't include your account number or telephone number since it's a public forum.


2) Send a private message to a moderator -- Easiest way to do this is to go onto the Users Online page and find someone with a MODtag beside their name. Hover your mouse over the name and you'll see a pop-up with an orange Send Message. Provide details of your issue, and because this message is private you can include your phone number or account number (the moderators will need this info).


She started a new thread fortunately

Thanks Rock, didn't realize... but hey, if anyone else posts at the bottom, maybe they'll see the message.


Wouldn't it make sense to just make a single tag @MOD for use in threads since it will get dished out anyways regardless which mod is tagged?

@canucks4life  I agree and then you could always still private message the individual MOD directly if you wanted.


It's great that this is stickied, as this is probably one of the most frequent topic I've had to refer people to.


It would be a great idea that this is permanantly stickied, and not just temporary!


It says we can expect a reply with 20-30 minutes after they have been tagged or messaged. Not true. I have messaged @Shazia_K about an hour ago and no response till now. Very unhappy. Smiley Sad

Hello @iamnopreacher


I'm truly sorry about the long wait, 


We are currently experiencing a higher volume of messages than our usual.


Please allow a few minutes, I will get to your message.