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Setting up Data (APN) on your phone

Hello Community!


Are you having trouble using your data? YouTube won’t load the funny cat compilation video you’re trying to watch on the bus? Can’t search Google for the closest Timmies? No worries – we know how frustrating this can be and we won’t leave you data-less for much longer!


Step 1: Check Self-Serve 


If your data suddenly stopped working, that might mean you’ve used up all your data allowance for this billing cycle. To confirm, you can login to your self-serve account and take a look at your data usage. If nothing shows up, that means you’ve used up all your data!


You can either purchase a data add-on, or contact a moderator to have your plan renewed earlier than scheduled.


Step 2: Make sure your phone is compatible with our network


To do so, we recommend using the following website:


You will need to know the brand & model of your phone, and the sub-model if applicable. Note that phones bought overseas and older models of phones are more likely to not be compatible due to the network frequencies used.


If your phone is not compatible, unfortunately the only option would be to get your hands on a new device.

If your phone is compatible, keep reading, we’re getting there!


Step 3: Review your APN settings


Last but not least, the APN settings! APNs can be found in your phone settings and is basically what allows and enables your device to connect to a wireless network. They often vary from one carrier to another, which is why it’s important to update them when switching providers!


They can also vary from device to device so, to make sure you get exactly the info you need for your phone, we highly recommend using the website below:


Once you select the brand & model of your phone, simply scroll down the page and select ‘Public Mobile’. You will then be provided with the exact APNs required for your phone on our network!


Some models of iPhones do not allow you to manually update your APNs. If this is your case, you will need to access the website below from your phone. This will automatically download the required APNs in your phone settings!


Lastly, if you have an LG phone and you still aren’t able to use your data after all of this, we highly suggest doing a factory reset of your phone. We have found this to often be the only way to get data working on LG devices!


Hopefully with all of this, you’ll be able to fully enjoy your data again! If you have tried all these tips and nothing helps – please, send us a private message and we’ll make sure to look into this for you!



Public Mobile Community Team

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Great addition to the knowledge base. Where doesn't cover a particular model of hardware, I find that is a good substitute.
Thank you for making the effort in putting together this very helpful article.

Geat article Marie.  I would however, make your Step 1 the last step,  as the article is about setting up a phone to gt data vs  what to do if data stops working

Et en français aussi, s'il vous plaît.


pretty much sums up everything.


I have a OnePlus 5 Android device and this is what I use for the APN settings to get data and WiFi hotspot to work.


Name: Public Mobile



MMS Proxy:

MMS Port: 80

MCC: 302

MNC: 220
APN Type: default, supl, mms

MVNO Type: none

Thanks for your feedback guys! 


I'm glad to hear you seem to be happy with the article Smiley Happy 


FYI @Luddite (and everyone else), I just finished working on the French version! It is now available on the French side of the Community as well;




@MarieHelene_L In case you would like it to be specific: "Some models of iPhones" could read "iPhones using iOS 7.x.x, or earlier, 



That's kinda what I originally thought as well, but I often encountered cases where even recent iPhones models couldn't manually update the APNs... 


I even personally switched to the iPhone 8+ a few weeks ago, and when I went to update my APNs (for some reason I could only get 3G and not LTE) I realized that I couldn't! I had to use unlockit. 


Or maybe I just didn't look further enough into it and went for the quick & easy fix... who knows Cat LOL  



@MarieHelene_L Next time ask the Community for advice, eh! Robot LOL


I only see Google pixel as a model.  What about all the other google phones?  ie Nexus

@llotterAndroid APN settings are pretty much the same. There are slight variations by the operating system version but the info that needs to be entered doesn't change.  Also, you should only resort to entering the APN settings manually if your phone fails to pull these settings automatically.  So place the PM sim card in the phone and power up.  If you see no data connection, then enter the APN settings.  


Hey guys, thanks for the insights.  I was struggling with no available data for my LG G3.  Used the recomendations for setting up APN, data is now working.   That feels good.  Thanks again, very helpful.    


The ONLY Thing Missing, IF PPL Do this, is the Tiny BIT of Info IF PPL wish to Tether


Re: APN (Access Point Name) and Tethering APN Protocol Set-up Guide

APN Tethering Settings:


Name: Tethered Mobile Internet




Proxy: Not set


Port: Not set


Username: Not set


Password: Not set


Server: Not set


MMSC: Not set


MMS proxy: Not set


MMS port: Not set


MCC: 302


MNC: 220


Authentication type: Not set


APN type: dun


APN protocol: IPv4


APN roaming protocol: IPv4


APN enable/disable: APN enabled


Bearer: Unspecified


MVNO type: GID


MVNO value: 4D4F


It is working ! Thanks! Instructions are clear ! Step by step ! LIKE !


My port n not work now