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International add-on & Calling an international phone number

Refer to the list of countries below to which Overseas Long Distance calling is supported.


In order to call the countries listed below you would need to purchase a $15 LD add-on which includes 400 minutes of Global talk - via Self Serve, *611, or during the activation process. Any unused minutes remaining will rollover to your next cycle.


If there is an issue with calling an International number, ensure the following:


  1. You are using the correct dialling pattern (exit code + country code + area code + phone number)
  2. You have LD minutes remaining in your Self Serve account


Note:  Overseas Long Distance includes calling Canadian and US long distance numbers


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Great detailed information @Jeremy_M

Really appreciate it will help lots of ops


If we use "+" instead of "011" for the exit code, would the call still go through?


Great ti receive a confirmation and to make it more visible to everyone looking for this information

Hey @Cupuacu, yes the call will go through just fine with a "+" prefix instead of 011.  I use + all the time.  


@Jeremy_M, just for added clarity, please confirm my understanding of this when you get a chance.  The $8 talk add-on will only allow US and Canada long distance calling.  One must purchase the $15 LD add-on in order to be able to call the other countries listed above.  Thanks.




Hoping that some day the list maybe extended


Is this add-on no longer available? I do not see it listed anywhere...



Go here to the thread below if you want to be notified when a new Public Mobile (PM) promo and changes comes out!

@pm-smayer97, this add-on is available for purchase from selfserve. Its the $15/400 minutes long distance talk add-on which you can add to your account and will only expire when you have used up the minutes. For calling Canada and US long diatance, there is an $8/200 minute add-on available in selfserve as well.

VoIP has made it possible to make and receive calls worldwide using UK virtual phone numbers, many businesses including call centers are totally rely on this by using the international phone number. 


Hi, does this mean even if I have the International addon, I can't call say Australia or Middle East counties at all? No per use rates deducted from my balance?

@zaptor, international long distance is only for the countries that are on the list of countries. There are no per minute fees for calling other countries.
@zaptor99 FYI there is no pay-per-use *anything* at Public Mobile. Everything is pre-paid, meaning you pay for exactly what you get and get exactly what you pay for, with no ability to bill you after the fact for anything over the top like that. You could always use a calling card with a local access number if you need pay-per-use rates to a country not on the list, or use a VoIP or other data-based service.

Thanks @abTest@srlawren.  I have viber setup on my phone and will use Google rewards to buy credit to call long distance Smiley Happy


You can also use a service like the one found at to set up YOUR OWN local number you can dial into, in order to dial out from to anywhere in the world pretty much, at very very cheap rates, potentially under $1.00 a month plus time charges... I've used this for years and no longer bother with calling cards, although they were useful in the day, 10 years ago.


This is also handy to get you a phone number in an alternate province and then depending on what you want to do, you can call forward from that number to your phone in another province. Useful for creating a business presence elsewhere, perhaps.

Interesting use of, @nrg_svr. Thanks for mentioning it!