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help important

just got a new sim with a new number but people keep calling me i dont know who they are or why they are calling 

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Re: help important

@bskinner1 You got a number that someone else had before.  If it's a big problem, you can change your phone number in self serve.

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Re: help important

@bskinner1 wrote:

just got a new sim with a new number but people keep calling me i dont know who they are or why they are calling 

If they're not spammers then you've stumbled on an infrequent bug in the system. Same thing happened to me 2 years ago. I stuck with it. I don't know what the other customer did. I don't know if they actually got all my communications either. Not that I have any state secrets but still. Also very low usage so it would be pretty boring for them.


About all you can do is to change your number since you picked a "new" number. Try picking a new area code prefix from the list. They wouldn't've been used by someone before.

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Re: help important

You can change your phone number.


To change your phone number: sign in to Self-Serve, select ‘Change Number' under 'My Profile' on the Overview page. Here, you can choose to select a new phone number or to transfer a wireless or wireline number from another provider.

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Re: help important

@bskinner1  Even though it's a new number to you the reality is that most of the numbers in the Public Mobile pool are recycled numbers that have been previously used by others. Receiving calls in the beginning is expected. As others have mentioned if it's a problem you can change numbers via selfserve.




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Re: help important

On the positive side...the inbound calls are free. And you can block each unknown caller. 


Call Blocking


Just keep blocking. Eventually you will get it under control.


Keep in mind you may be blocking legitimate numbers as these callers “may” use legitimate numbers. It is called “Spoofing” which consists of altering the caller ID to show a different number than the one actually being used for making the telephone call. This is frequently done to mislead the person receiving the telephone call into believing that the call is either local, or from a trusted organization.


So before you block check your contact list to make sure you are not  blocking a number you would expect a call from. Also Google 800Notes and can confirm, sometimes, if it is a call that you absolutely don’t want. I have had a call from my own number. They spoof a number that is in your calling area to make you feel more confident to answer. 


I don’t recommend registering with a DO NOT CALL LIST. It puts your number on a list that callers CAN call you. SEE HERE


THE BEST WAY TO CONTROL IS TO CONTROL YOURSELF. very suspect of a SCAM call if your caller ID only shows a number and no name. The name often comes from YOUR contact list on your device.


Keep your contact lists up to date AND block, block and block some more!!

Keeping your contact list up to date is very important as most calls that are NOT in your contacts list will show a phone number ONLY and that will tip you off, that the caller may be unknown to you.


😀Changing your number is not a good idea if it was previously used. 😀


I too would also suggest to use the DO NOT DISTURB settings on your phone as well and make sure you set what options work best for you. If iPhone see here. 






Also SEE HERE for more information on blocking calls on both Android and iOS devices.


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