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Re: going to FL, for 6 months

@Ed404 wrote:

@geopublic wrote:

@flagz  For 6 months best to purchase a local sim card that allows you to call to US and Canada.


Something like the following:

Wouldn't @flagz be signing up for 2 services or if he cancelled Public Mobile they would lose their loyalty reward if they had one, right?

Hi @Ed404 

Yes they can move to 15 plan and let it expire for 85 days (pay the bill by day 85 so you don't lose your account) and then come back again in 25 days to report it lost then again in 85 days found, and so forth ( or keep expiring it and reactivating, just don't go over b85 days in case you need moderators to process payment or reactivate your account, during bad times the wait for response may be 72 hours)


I like the option of TextNow sim it will give you Canadian number (10usd for talk& text, 10usd more gives you 2gig data, 20 more gives you 5 gigs or 30 more unlimited, no roaming charges anywhere in USA, wish it was like pcs mobile that doesn't charge for neither talk nor data roaming in Canada. I would have suggested that but I believe their plans are postpaid)

For light and short and occasional  users FreedomPop seems great

Mayor / Maire

Re: Auto pay

@flagz wrote:

i am going to FL. for the winter and i dont need my phone down in FL.

@flagz   You can remove your credit card (if you have one registered for autopay), from the account and, as long as you don't have any credit balance, your account will go into suspension if no payment is received.  Then you will have upto 90 days before needing to pay to keep your account and phone number from being deactivated.  It is recommended that you put enough funds into your account between day 85-88 of the suspension period to apply payment to keep the account and plan active.  You can repeat this process again for another 90 suspension if you plan on being out of the country for longer than 3 months.


Depending on which plan you currently have, you can drop your plan to PM's cheapest available one of $15 before you leave for your trip, that way you will only need to pay another $15 near the end of your 90 suspension period to keep it active.  Just keep in mind if you are on a plan that is no longer offered and you change your plan to a cheaper one, you will not be able to get back your previous plan and will instead have to select from the in market plans available on your return.


Final thing to keep in mind, if you do not pay to renew your plan before the 90 day suspension, it will be permanently closed and you will lose your number as well.


Edit:  @flagz  I see you already asked your question in your own thread and have received some answers so another post was unnecessary.

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Re: going to FL, for 6 months

@wetcoaster wrote: 

@flagz note that this link provided by @wetcoaster is the definitive guide to extended absences from your Public Mobile service, as written by Jedi Master oops oracle @Luddite.


You may want to review this recent similar thread for ideas:

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