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Starting a plan



I want to start an account by moving from Fido but I do not know how. I want to keep my old number so I need to have it released from fido and I dont know how to do that. I already ordered and received a sim card. How do i go about switching companies? 


Re: Starting a plan

@anyakap, welcome to Public Mobile.


There's a Get Started link at the top of this screen which will go step by step for you.


You can port (transfer) your Fido number during activation - the only requirement is that your Fido account is still active


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Re: Starting a plan

Hello @anyakap

It will be easier for the port of your phone number if you first choice a number which public mobile propose to you when you will activate your sim card. And after when everthing is doing good you can choose to port your number in your self serve account...BUT your old number need to be active to do that..don't cancel anything before...

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Re: Starting a plan

Hello @anyakap,

In order to continue using your number from Fido, you will need to port the number during the activation of your Public Mobile account and SIM card. Activation can be done here:


From your Fido account, you will need to have your account number and PIN. Additionally, it is necessary for your Fido account to be in good standing and active during the process.


The process can take anywhere from an hour to a half day, and there are instances where the port is not completed, so be prepared to troubleshoot if it does not go as planned. In my experience, as long as you have the correct account info, it takes an hour or so to complete the port.


Lastly, make sure that your phone is unlocked! If it is still locked with Fido, make sure to contact them to have it unlocked before proceeding.


Re: Starting a plan

@youbme porting can be done at any time not just activation. 


It is also recommended to use only account number for porting. 


@anyakap as mentioned above activate your sim on a new number provided by public mobile. Again use only your account number and ensure the name you enter during porting is exact as the fido bill spelling errors and all. 


Porting takes upto 2-3 hours sometimes minutes. 


Once all is working login to Self-serve then click change number under plans and adons. 


To get an extra $10 if you know someone on publicmobile you can use their number as a referal, to get a referal credit. 


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Re: Starting a plan


As other had pointed out that you can port your Fido to PM during the activation or after activation.  But I prefer to get a new number from PM to test out the PM signal at the locations where you use your phone most - like office/home/your kids hockey game etc.  Port your Fido number to PM after you are happy with the service.


Please note that you Fido number must be active before your number can be ported out to other provider.