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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Start Guide : Setup / Activation / Port / Data

Thanks for the quick response!

Mayor / Maire

Re: Start Guide : Setup / Activation / Port / Data

@themunnzie wrote:

Thanks for the Guide! Am going to port my parents from Telus to Public Mobile.


I have a quick question regarding SIM card and when to switch. I guess I'm confused as to how long I leave the original Telus SIM in the phone, and when to insert the Public Mobile SIM.


At the end of Step 4 : Porting, is says "Remove Sim, Reinsert SIM". Does this mean remove Telus SIM and insert the activated Public Mobile SIM? 


This is the only part of the guide that seems slightly unclear to me. I appreciate the help in figuring this out.


Many Thanks,


Hi @themunnzie it is advised that when porting a number, you should keep the old sim card from the previous provider in your device to receive text message to validate your port.  And continue using the old sim card until it stops working, which means your port or transfer is complete.  Then remove the old sim card from your device and insert the Public Mobile sim card.


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