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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

SIM Invalid

I purchased a Public Mobile SIM card this summer, which I used up until the beginning of September.


I am now trying to top up my card once again, by doing so online.  However, when I select my desired plan and input all of my information, I am unable to proceed as it says "Invalid SIM."  I have checked the number multiple times to ensure I am inputting the correct 19-digit number; however, this message continues to prevent me from proceeding with the top up.


I am desperate to activate my SIM once again, but am unable to do so.  What can be done to resolve this problem?



Mayor / Maire

Re: SIM Invalid


Has your account be inactive for more than 90 days?  If it has been over 90 days, your account/SIM card might be deleted/closed?  


Or if less than 90 days, then maybe try a different webbrowser, clearing cache or incognito/privacy mode might do the trick.  The PM website can be finicky.  Chrome incognito mode seems to work.  


Re: SIM Invalid

@karin, it seems like you are trying to activate a new account using the same SIM card that was used earlier in the year.  SIM cards are use one only.  If you are trying to activate a new account, you need a new SIM card.  With respect to your old account that you said you used up to early September, depending on the expiry date on that account, it might still be active.  Accounts can go inactive for up to 90 days after which it is permanently deactivated.  This is early December, so it is close to the 90 day mark.  It might be worthwhile checking to see if the old account is revivable or not.  If it can be revived, then you can continue to use the SIM card through the old account. 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: SIM Invalid

Thank you for the replies.


So have Public Mobile's policies changed during the last three months?  When I purchased the card, I was told that I can continue to use the SIM card, so long as six months have not passed between usages.