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Question re transferring phone number

So we were with PC Mobile, than Koodo took over.

I transferred my phone number last week and started with Public Mobile.


I had 2 phone numbers under my Koodo account, 1 was mine, and the other was my husbands. 


Now my husband wants to switch over to Public Mobile.

Can he still set up an account with Public and transfer the number over, and use his name even though it was under my name? 


Or do I have to set up the 2nd number under my name?


Re: Question re transferring phone number

With Public Mobile, there is no need to have unique names/owners for each line.  The only uniqueness required is the username (email).  Other than that, you can repeat anything else as much as desired. 



Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

Re: Question re transferring phone number

@TD1516 welcome to PM where everything is as you want it to be.  You can have the account in your name, your husband's name, your cat or dog's name, lol.  As @will13am  mentioned the only thing unique would be the email address you associate with the account.  I believe only one email address per account/phone #. 


So when you set up your husbands account, just pick your plan, enter his email address, make sure to put your phone number in the referred by sections so that you get the referral bonus.  You can set up the phone transfer/port during the same activation or you can do that afterwards.  You can input his name as the account name, and use the same credit card for the payments, or a different one, up to you.