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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I signed up last month and I don't see my 2 gig bonus. They told me it would take 10 days...if not to inform public...i have screen shots of the conversation 

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Promotion

If you do not see your 2GB promo on your account, it might appear after next billing cycle.

If not MOD could clarify why you do not see it yet.


To contact a moderator, there are 2 methods:

- Use the ticketing system for a faster response time (preferred method as Ticket is assigned and easy to follow up with MODs). Click here and type ticket, then select account-specific question, then select you need a human now. Follow the prompts to submit a ticket or,

- Send a private message to the moderator by clicking here  You’ll need to be logged into your Community account for the link to work.

Watch for their response in your Community private mailbox which will be indicated by a number on the small envelope icon to the left of your Community avatar.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Promotion

Did you activate a $35 or higher plan ?  If you did then submit a ticket to a CSA.

Here’s when and how to contact our Customer Support Agents:

  • Get help with your account the easy way by starting a conversation with our virtual assistant, SIMon. It’ll take you to relevant help articles, or if it’s something more urgent, it can help you submit a ticket to our Agents. Click here to get started.
  • Alternatively, you can send a private message to our Agents by clicking here. You’ll need to be logged in to your Community account for the link to work.
Mayor / Maire

Re: Promotion


when you Activated you line at online or in store,

if you did online and missed your promo you have to Contact Customer Support Agent by  ,and Explain your issue they can solve your issue, they are nice Service Team they will help you 100%.


Here’s How To Contact Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent,

  • you can send a private message to Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent, by Click Here link,
  • You’ll need to be logged in to your Community account for the link to work.


  • please include in your message,
  • your account number, 
  • your phone number,
  • your account 4 digit pin,
  • your Email address,


  • Customer Support Agent by CS_Agent, will Response to your inbox by private message 
    Check your private message inbox (click on the envelope top right of your screen)

         Good Luck....

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