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Mayor / Maire

Re: Porting said succesful, but the phone doesn't think so...

@wkasseckert wrote:
Thank you
 for responding to my writings.
Unfortunately what happened with my phone and data service at PM was
frustrating. I was unable, despite my registered credit card, to pay
online. (only way to pay) After I went back to the store, I was able to buy a coupon.
It then took three days to activate. Well, the activation did not really happen, as
only the account showed the service payed for, but the phone service was still not working!
It took a further five days, three trips to London Drugs, endless logins and postings
until someone reactivated my account, and I could use my phone. That is a lot of my time and
effort for what normally should be handled by the provider. Then I had no use of my phone for a
further 8 days, despite having payed for that time......!
I am generally very understanding that things happen, however, there are lines where we can not
assume someone will pay for days of not providing their end of the arrangement. I was actually ready to abandon my account at PM and go with a different provider.
I am glad things are up and running again, but honestly I don't believe that I should pay for
the time you couldn't respond to my problem. I was left with no service, could not do business and stay in touch with my family.......That is self explanatory.
If it would not have been for Sam at Lond. Drgs. Broadway Vancouver, working hard to correct the issue, I might be still in left in the dust. Him and I made sure your product works. That is not the way things should go. I should not be having to pay on top of solving problems at your end.
Thanks for your attention with my concern, Wolfgang Kasseckert

@wkasseckert  Best to submit a ticket with your message because only the moderstor can apply the credit.





Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Porting said succesful, but the phone doesn't think so...

@wkasseckert  I  100% agree with you. I apologise for not seeing your response when written. I would have to thank @geopublic for bringing back up to the forefront. There are those times in with any service provider that everything goes wrong. One is left feeling like Job....disillusioned, neglected and full of despair. In these situations the existence of a call centre greatly improves the ability of the provider to rectify the problem in much more timely manner. Public Mobile simply cannot do this with their service model  and a Chabot named Simon as the head triage nurse. He's no Margaret Houlihan. In your case it didn't matter how hard the community tried we were never going to be able to solve your particular issue it was up to the moderators and public mobile. 

 We do not want to forget Sam at London drugs and you are correct he is pure professionalism and a great asset to their electronics department. I know that for a fact as he helped set up my boyfriend's account and was helpful in facilitating my price match SIM card refund. I was in the other day and said time I will thank him for his fantastic customer service he gave you. 

 At no time do I think any company can "get away" with not providing you the service you paid for and they agreed to provide you. Combined with all the extra problems that come with a flash sale you were lost in the shuffle. I do believe as a customer of pm and the savings i personally will give them some leeway in response time but i would not accept the service (or lack there of) you recieved. What i might find acceptable as compensatory credit can be completely different from what you do but I suggest as you wait for a moderators response you think about as should @Alan_K  what would make up for a terrible activation experience and such a lengthy period of time without service to completely remive the bitter taste you must have for pm. I believe you don't want to give up...yes like Job...and I sincerely hope pm can reverse a very poor start and restore your faith in their product. Rocky starts often have sweet endings and wish this for you. And remember the community is here for you even if it's just moral support. I hope you find a satisfactory resolution.


*This is a perfect example of the need for a high priority submission form that can attend to the small percentage of customers (usually new activations) that should have their number in the queue  brought forward and dealt with in no more than 48 hrs during busy periods. @Moderator_Team