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Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Re: Porting a number

@sanjub wrote:

Go to any store and provide your existing account details. Make sure the details match

I'm uncertain if @Claudine1718  has already activated a Public Mobile account or not. If the account has already been opened, a store cannot help with the number port. However, what is clear is that Claudine1718  already has a Public Mobile SIM card. If the customer goes to the store, they're not going to activate a SIM card that's brought in by the customer.


Also, when it comes to number porting, if the customer is getting an error message on the activation form, the retail storre employee is going to see the exact same mesage.



Retired Oracle / Oracle Retraité

Re: Porting a number

@Claudine1718 wrote:


 it asks for Resellers name is that where I put Roger's?

Old acount password- what exactly is this? My Rogers password?

Is this Rogers Wireless or a Rogers home phone?


If it's Rogers Wireless that you're tranfering in a phone number from, do not fill anyting in for reseller's name.  And while old account password is there, once again, ignore it and leave it blank. It's not your Rogers self servie password, but your Rogers account PIN, but as I said, you don't need it, and really shouldn't use it. Also ignore the IMEI (device serial number) field. Use only your Rogers account number.

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