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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Porting a number from SpeakOut [Solved]

@rgutter wrote:

One of the mods - Katherine - responded this morning and then resubmitted the port request, this time including the phone's IMEI. I received a success text shortly afterword, and all's good. 


Likely this implies that when a SpeakOut number is being ported you should avoid filling in the "Account number" and just submit the IMEI (refered to as "Serial number" on the transfer form).


Thanks all.


My SpeakOut number port was seamless. I did not use IMEI, but the 'Account number' only. Weird that I got the exact opposite results?

Mayor / Maire

Re: Porting a number from SpeakOut


Account number IS phone number with Speakout


IMEI is the only thing required*, PIN will usually (like 99% of the time) fail



*note - IMEI is the IMEI of the LAST phone you used on Speakout service, NOT IMEI you used at time of activation

If unsure or if phone sold make sure to register new device on network (place a call) before submitting port request



@computergeek541 wrote:

@rgutter wrote:

@abTest A very quick consensus seems to be forming. Thank you.

You don't want to ignore that text message from Public Mobile.  They are flat out telling you that you your request has failed.   Please follow the insstruction provided earlier to contact the moderators.


To my knowledge, porting out from Speakout requires both IMEI and account PIN.  I would leave account number blank, and would not do what some people do like putting in a bunch of zeroes or the phone number, because those aren't proper account numbers and could cause the port to fail again.


As i was saying, I would provide the IMEI and the account PIN used on Speakout to the Public Mobile mdoerators and you should be fine once they resubmit another request for you.