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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Porting PC Mobile number - that was easy!

Not a question, but potentially helpful for PC Mobile pre-paid users considering switching to PM - I searched before I activated but all I saw were posts about problems.


I just activate a SIM I got at Walmart and ported my old number from PC Mobile (pre-paid, i.e. Bell network) with no problem and no need to DM anyone:

1) called PC Mobile #7266 to cancel my credit card top-up and to get my account number (9 digits) and verify my name on file was correct.  My plan was still active with 5$ balance and 5 days until the end of the "month".

2) Use the PM web-page activate my SIM.  Entered my old mobile number in "Check my number", then entered the account number and my full name.

3) Finished everything else (plan, credit card, etc...) and swapped the SIM in my phone.

4) Within a minute my phone was displaying "Public Mobile" and I got the welcome texts.  I was able to send a text and make a call.

5) 30 minutes later I got another text saying the transfer had been completed, and I was able to call and text my phone using the old number.


I live out in the sticks (near Perth, ON) and the reception is the same as before with PC Mobile.


Phone is an unlocked Moto G6 from the Caymen Islands that I got cheap of


Note that this was pre-paid PC Mobile, which uses Bell Mo's network.  The number was originally ported from Bell Mo's paygo to PC Mobile about 10 years ago.


Any questions, drop me a DM





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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: Porting PC Mobile number - that was easy!

I ported a number from Freedom Mobile last Sunday Sept 8th. The porting was completed in 3 minutes. Many recommend activating on a Public Mobile number first. Then once the account is active and everything works (calls, texts and data), then you can port from your old network to PM. This is what I did and it was seamless.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Porting PC Mobile number - that was easy!

Glad to hear it worked out well for you. Same story for me coming from bell.

Your signal will remain the same if you're on bell, virgin, Telus, koodo, PM or PC mobile. They're all owned by bell or Telus and they share the same towers.