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Mayor / Maire

Re: New to public mobile, Have some questions


Don't forget to sign up for autopay also.  That gives you a monthly $2 credit.  For example, then your mother's line would be $8 per month.   Your line will also have a $2 credit monthly if you sign up for autopay also.  


Actually, for your mother's line, if you sign up at Walmart and London drugs, you will get $25 credit + $10 friend credit + $2 autopay.  That is $37 credit within 72 hours.  That is four months free for her account. This has been confirmed by a person at  


For your account (with Data), it would be more cost effective to go to WOW mobile promo.  Since the month credit is likely greater than $25.  

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: New to public mobile, Have some questions

is this offer (Free Sim Card+ 1 Month Credit) available in wow stores (montreal) currently?

and in order to get the 10 $ referal credit, should i give them my friend referal code during activation or i can do that online after activating the line?


For walmart offer is it available in montreal? anybody hear tried that?

and i see that this offer (maybe wow offer too) is only for talk and data plans not for 10$ plan, right?


in this case i would take the (talk+data plan) from walmart and the 10 $ plan from wow store.

Mayor / Maire

Re: New to public mobile, Have some questions

It should be across Canada promotion.  I am not based in Montreal, so I don't know for sure.  You can call tomorrow to store and ask. 


Need to put your friend's public mobile phone number during activation of account.  


If you want to max your credits, get the data and talk plan at WOW mobile (1st month credit + $10) and get the $10 plan at Walmart ($25 credit + $10).  


For Walmart, it states free month credit for talk, text and data plans.  One customer on did get the $10 plan at Walmart and got the $25 credit.  So, according to that customer, $10 plan is valid for that promo.  For WOW mobile, it is for any plan (data or no data).  

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: New to public mobile, Have some questions

Can some one gives me detail of service if he is satisfied.  Also I want referral name number so I get credit as I intend to take $25 plan. Can reply on my cell or email My cell number xxxxxxxxx



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Mayor / Maire

Re: New to public mobile, Have some questions

You should remove your personal info as this is a public forum.

Here is information about the referral reward.