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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: New connection not working

This happened to me the first day, but it just took a bit of time to connect. I believe they say it can take up to 48 hours. 
If its been over 48 hours, your phone might be locked, you can take it to most phone/tech places to have it unlocked. 

I see a lot of people gave you advice, if none of it works, Public Mobile actually has pretty great customer service. Try using the chatbox on the website, its in the bottom right corner

Mayor / Maire

Re: New connection not working


Once activated a SIM card will work right away. You may have to reboot or reseat the SIM card but there should be no delay in service other than incoming if you have ported in your number. Alocked locked phone will give you a error message asking for the unlocking code. No service usually indicates an issue with the SIM card. Putting it in another phone with the same result will confirm that.

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