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Need to use phone in Canada and US

My daughter bought an unlocked phone. She wants to sign-up with Public mobile to use her phone while here in Canada. She will be going to college in the US in August. Can she deactivate her account while she is away so she doesn't have to pay for minutes that she won't use? What about when she come home at Christmas- can she reactivate it?


Thanks for any help.


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Re: Need to use phone in Canada and US

@rcmoodyx3   Yes.  PM is a prepaid service.  you can join or stop anytime you want.


You can use it tilll September, then stop paying.  After you stop paying, the account will be suspended for 90 days.  If you re-activate within the 90 days, you will be able to keep the phone number without buying a new SIM card.


However, it will take some effort to keep the number alive, like you have to be very carefully, re-active the account around the 85th day after the account goes into suspended status.


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Re: Need to use phone in Canada and US

PM is prepaid service. If next bill is not paid account will be suspended. Easy to reactivate - just pay whatever is cost for for your plan. There are no extra charges to reinstate your plan.

After 90 days of non-payment account is deactivated (phone number will be reassigned to another customer).

I believe there is no way to put account on-hold. To keep her account she will have to pay $13/every 30 days (assuming she selects auto-pay option).

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Re: Need to use phone in Canada and US



While in USA:

Take a look at the prepaid service Tracfone. SIMS sold at Walmart. They used to have a set up to assign a CDN number to an 800 number then you could call Canada. They allowed 10 numbers. You would need to research the latter. 


If WiFi is available look at the free Fongo App that allows calling to CDN numbers only. Texting has a fee. 

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Re: Need to use phone in Canada and US


Your daughter can allow her account to suspend for 90 days before reactivating it so as to not lose her account and phone number. Preferably she would reactivate around day 85 in case their are any issues with reactivation and there is time to sort them out or contact a moderator. Putting a reminder in one's calendar on day 85 and day 88 is good back up to make sure its not missed.


There are two ways to suspend.....remove autopay so that the payment fails on renewal day.




Suspend via the lost/stolen feature in the account. Doing this will prevent autopay from being triggered to pay or any funds in the accounts balance from being used to pay for renewal. If suspended before midnight eastern on the evening of renewal the voicemail will stay active for the account. This can be accessed by calling the phone number from another phone and pressing * when it connects. Enter the 4 digit voicemail pin #. Once you resume service, pay and reactivate the account before the 90th day any rewards that were not applied automatically can be be applied manually by a moderator.

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Re: Need to use phone in Canada and US


What a wealth of info and knowledge! I learn something new every day. Bravo to you!

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Re: Need to use phone in Canada and US


With thanks to all the other community members who passed their knowledge onto me!

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