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Re: Need to report my phone

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No I can only text of get calls from Public mobile customers.  I saw another question on here and they reported the # for the customer and they said it worked. I just switched to Public yesterday.



If you just ported, it takes some time, every hour or so remove your battery / restart your phone. It can take time on your first port over and there can be weird issues for a short period of time.


If the issue continues (24 hours cell, 48 hours landline) you may have a partially completed port but most often ports just take a bit longer. One of the moderators can take a look, see if they need to do something to move it along.  Click this to send them a message


Robert, friendly reminder, phones with removable batteries are a thing of the past.  Just reboot should suffice. 

@will13amSmiley Happy I do agree a reboot should suffice. I don't really want to disagree with you but *says as nicely as possible* thats not entirely accurate. While it has been phased out for most new phones, there are some manufactures today still releasing phones with removable batteries (Nokia 1, released this year its available and instock at the local store), and as a budget carrier (who supplies 0 phones to customers) I can say wiith confidence there are users here using less than the most recent and greatest phones. In my case almost everyone I know that I brought to public mobile has a removable battery, which I had to remove while sticking in their sim card.

Both the LG G5 /V20 is an impressive phone 4gb ram, snapdragon 820 and also removable. (Maybe not impressive to someone with a S9 but its a flagship to my current google nexus which is serving me well, as my primary phone) Moto E4 are also not bad and pretty common, Let's not forget one of the most popular line of phones- Samsung Galaxy and all of them before the 6 had (when the went to non-removeable). My mom still uses the S5 here and I actually just got her a new battery on ebay and rear door cover lol.


I find its easier to explain to someone like my newest referal (who literaly is having trouble grasping the "back" button)- example in messages inside a conversation to hit back to go back to main messages interface. He keeps hitting the home center button, reclicking message and doesn't understand how to get out of that one conversation... YOU HAVE TO HIT THE BACK BUTTON! lol I try to keep calm. To explain just "pull out your battery" vs trying to explain to hold the power button and select the reboot (which he still doesn't understand the difference between the side power button and the home key on his old samsung)



Sorry Robert, phones like S5 is a thing of the past.  Samsung is already leaking stuff on the S10. 

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Re: Need to report my phone

Hey I have an S5, don't make fun!!!