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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My number is not ported due to some issues.

I am a first time user and have no idea where to find a moderator which I was told by a call from PM. I clicked some links provided here but it led me to some search window. I hope to get some help here.

I transfered my number from a pay-as-you-go provider and expected my old provider would cut off the service(I still have money in it) so I could use the new sim card with PM. However this never happened. After 2-3 weeks I received a call from PM (yes, a real person!) and told me they couldn't get it transferred. 

Eventually the problem seemed solved (I hope) and I was given a new number. I was told that I could find a moderator here to port my number and request to avoid one month charge since the new sim card is still in the package. 

So what should I do next and can any moderator contact me? Thanks.

Mayor / Maire

Re: My number is not ported due to some issues.

@Woody1 to contact a a moderator you have to click on the question mark on the right hand side of the page and start a conversation with Simon the chat bot, make sure you get to submit ticket and within 48 hours but hopefully much sooner a moderator will contact you by private message on this site 

Mayor / Maire

Re: My number is not ported due to some issues.

@Woody1- You never mentioned your previous pay as you go provider.  Unless it is Koodo, you can transfer in your old number without moderator assistance.  Simply log into your self serve portal, and initiate a number change, then select transfer number from another provider (not sure of the exact woring).  As for a possible credit, definitely connect with moderators using SIMon, and explain the situation.  They are generally quite good about these things if there was a system issue that prevented you from using the service as expected.

Mayor / Maire

Re: My number is not ported due to some issues.

@Woody1Make sure you have all the pertinent information like account number on both accounts etc and once you have that call the number in this thread

Mayor / Maire

Re: My number is not ported due to some issues.

@Woody1  Two ways to contact a moderator for help.


To contact Public Mobile click here. The link  sends you to the private message function and adds the moderator team as recipient for a private message. You just have to enter a title and text in the body of the message describing the problem and post. The message will be received by the moderator team and they will respond to it. You will receive the response in your private message inbox.

Moderators are available: M-F from 8 AM to midnight Eastern time and S-S from 8 AM to 10 PM Eastern time.

Note: Moderator Hours are subject to change, but you can always find the current times here

Please note that account verification may be required when contacting the Moderator Team 


Another option is to submit a ticket to a moderator using Simon as follows: