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Re: Lost device

@BKNS27 wrote:


Log into your Self Serve account and go to View My Usage then click on Lost/Stolen Phone. Also make note of your account number then contact a PM CS Agent by click on SIMon chat button and type in Create a Ticket and explain that you lost your phone and you want to keep your old number.

They will need your PIN number, Account number, phone number, address etc.

Enabling lost/stolen mode won't enable @roypierog to port a phone number to Public Mobile.  I'm not even sure if the OP is a Public Mobile customer yet.  But yes, manual authorization from the old carrier is needed to port to Public Mobile when the customer isn't able to answer the old carrier's text message.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Lost device

@roypierog wrote:

How do I transfer my number to Public Mobile if I don’t have my old device to answer text sent?


Be prepared to purchase a new SIM from your current provider, then you will need to have the account/number swapped onto this new SIM card.

Then you will need to obtain a phone to accept the porting/transfer TEXT to Public Mobile.


they will accommodate you in other ways. 


Good Luck!

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Re: Lost device


I guess the OP can’t log into their account if they are not with PM. LoL

Looks like he will have to get a new phone and new SIM from their previous carrier to confirm the porting and also get a new PM SIM. Might be easier to get a new number.


Or their old carrier might treat it like a landline or e-SIM porting where a SIM is not required as long as all verifications are met.

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Re: Lost device


who was the previous provider you were with? if it's Telus or Koodo you don't need the device or sim card. the Telus and pm reps can help you with that

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