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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Issue with Porting from Rogers


I have recently signed up for Public Mobile (a bit more than 24 hours ago) and the service is working great. I can call out and send out SMS, but it looks like my number was ported incorrectly. I have placed my old SIM card from Rogers back into my phone and it still works. The incoming calls and messages are going to that old SIM card. I now have 2 active SIM cards working under the same number. I need help resolving this issue as I'm missing my calls and texts.



Re: Issue with Porting from Rogers

This is what happens when a port did not go through properly.  Either Rogers did not receive the request or it was rejected, likely due to a mistake in the verification information used for porting.  Double check to make sure that the correct Rogers account number was provided to Public Mobile.


When porting a number in at the same time as activation, Public Mobile does not issue temporary phone numbers (unlike some others).   This is why both of your Rogers and Public services are using the same phone number.


For now, there really isn't a need to be missing your calls and texts. If you have an extra phone put your Rogers sim card in one phone and the Public in the other.  If you only have one cell phone available to use, keep using your Rogers service for now, at least until the porting issue has been corrected.


You'll need to send a private message to a Public Mobile moderator or send them a message through the "contact us" page.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Issue with Porting from Rogers

I have now contacted public mobile using the 'Contact Us' form. Fingers crossed and hopes this gets resolved soon.