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Invalid SIM


There was a problem activating my SIM card.
2 days ago,I entered my SIM card code, set my phone number and entered my voucher code.
Namely, I went to page 5 'PAYMENT'.
BUT, there was a problem going from page 5 'PAYMENT' to page 6 'SUMMARY'.
And then I backed to the beginning.
I entered my SIM card code again, but it was marked as invalid.

I don't know if my card is active.
I am foreigner and not in CANADA.
As soon as I arrive in Canada, I have to call someone.
So I have to activate my SIM in advance, but I'm worried that my card will work.

Re: Invalid SIM

Try the process again in an hour. 


Worst case you can download the fongo app it gives you a Canadian number for free  and can be used on wifi

Mayor / Maire

Re: Invalid SIM

@HONGBI  - It sounds like your activation might have gone through.  Normally, you would get a text msg indicating such.  Did you try to log into your self serve portal, using the credentials you entered during activation?

If not, give it a try.  If you get a message indicating the account is not found (or something of that nature), you can try to set up your self serve account amnually (using the Create Account option).



Re: Invalid SIM

@HONGBI Invalid SIM message means the account was partially created. Wait a few hours, and try again (if the SIM is locked in a server side cache, it will clear itself out eventually). Try clearing your browser's cache, and then restarting the browser in Privacy/Incognito mode.  Alternately, use another browser (again in Privacy/Incognito mode), and try the entire process again. 

If it fails again, I suggest you click this: to send a private message to the moderator team with a description of your issue. Sometimes they answer within 24 hours, but usually take several days.


Update this thread from time to time so we can continue to assist you. Once you complete the activation procedure AND can access your self serve account, it's very likely you will have service once arriving.


Since making contact immediately is crucial, I also suggest you get a free account at This will allow you to call most Canadian numbers for free while on wifi. Free wifi is available many place in Canada. If you will tell us where you will arrive, we can likely give you some directions.



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