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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: How to complete move to Public?

More than half a month has elapsed and SMS still doesn't work.  The last I heard from anyone at Public Mobile was over 8 day ago.  I ended up filing a CCTS complaint.  Hope this helps anyone who runs into issues like me and also can't get any response.


@erl4nc wrote:

I'd like to clarify that I'm asking for suggestions on what provider/package anyone has for me to transfer out to. This is day 10 of SMS not working. The problem does not lie with my phone or app. The @CS_Agent reprovisioned the SIM again 2 days ago and asked me to reboot my phone.  This time, I can text 3 out of 6 numbers I tried.  All numbers local.  Same SIM, same phone, same app, same day.  After I reported this result, the @CS_Agent disappeared again for 2 whole days and counting.  At this rate of fixing, maybe in 6 years and another 600 reprovisioning I'll be able to text 95% of my contacts.  


@hxj140 wrote:

Try using another app to send/receiver text messages such as Google Hangouts. 


I'm hoping it is an issue connected to the stock Android text app.


Not that it should matter but the phone is running a stock 6.0 ROM?



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