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Mayor / Maire

Re: HotSpot Not working

Was your phone originally on Android 8.1 and then upgraded to 9? Here's a link involving APN problems with an Umidigi 3

@RobertM24 wrote:

@Staliger wrote:

What is your phone? I've just checked my SIM with Redmi Note 8 and Galaxy J1. They both create and connect to hotspots easily and internet is working for a connected device.

It's a Umidigi A5 Pro. 


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: HotSpot Not working

@RobertM24 wrote:

@hycm53 wrote: There is a small app can add new APN on Android phone. I used it for my Asus Zonfone 4 Max to add new APN. If you need it send message to me.

Another suggesting is turn off data saver on your phone.

Is the app the one from RFD? "MyNewAPN"? I installed this, removed the sim card and restarted and it still doesn't work. Maybe it's specific to my phone?


Unfortunately, data saver is off already.


If the app is different, I'd be happy to try it as well

Yes, It's called "MyNewAPN_test". I think it's the same as you said.