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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Error 821 activation

I was unable to finish the new sim activation.

Re: Error 821 activation

@bulabula wrote:

I was unable to finish the new sim activation.

Did you ever get to the point of entering payment information and attempting to submit that? If you got that far, check your credit card statement through online banking (if you used a credit card) to see if you were charged. If you were charged by Public Mobile, insert the SIM card into your phone to see if the service is working.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Error 821 activation

Which activation page you are at?


Make sure to check if PM charge your credit card yet.  


If confirmed credit card wasn't charged, try to go through the activation steps again on a different browser


If credit card is charged, Put the SIM in a phone to confirm if it connects to PM network and try making calls to see if it work. 



Mayor / Maire

Re: Error 821 activation

@bulabula wrote:

I was unable to finish the new sim activation.


If you are unable to see if you were charged for some reason, try the activation with the same SIM card again.

It will not let you activate a SIM that has already been used (you should get an INVALID SIM error); so this is a good test to see if you have activated it.



Try one or more of the below when changing SIMs/phones:


*turn off your phone, leave off for a minutes, then reboot                                                            

*removing your SIM for a few minutes, then reinserting it

*go into airplane mode for a few minutes, then going back to regular mode

*reset network settings

*Is your phone locked? Contact your previous provider to unlock it for you. You will need your imei number, dial *#06# to get it.

*Check if your phone is blacklisted here:

Mayor / Maire

Re: Error 821 activation


i suggest you close all Browser and do clear cache and cookies for any Browser,

and try it for a different Browser and open incognito mode,

how to open Browser incognito mode visit Here link,

how to clear cache and cookies and History visit Here link,

and use a Browser from your computer,is better

use Browser microsoft edge or chrome latest version
and just make sure your Browser is up to date update
sometime is the Browser is not update is give a issue.

how to update your Browser visit Here link, 

and Restart your computer, is will help a lot,


and if you use a home internet please do one thing take your power internet off for about

a 1 minute and put it back on,to refreshing your network,


and Here How To Activate Online visit Here link  for more information,


Activate your Public Mobile SIM card

You'll be up and running in just 4 easy steps, Here link 


for new customers who activate online.only, To get  2GB of monthly bonus data for Free* when you activations on $35, $40, $50, $70 rate plans, for that Promo code for 2GB ,  2GBBONUS , that monthly bonus for 2GB no expires but you have to keep your plan and if you changed your plan you will lost the promo 2GB,just to you know.


put it the email for it and the same email when you do a new activate, Here link,

so when Activate put it both code

1. Enter  Promo Code for 2GB Free, ( 2GBBONUS ) 

2. Enter  Friend Referral Code (??????)  to you will receive a one-time credit of $10..,

they will applied within 72hr,,,


*information about Refer A Friend Reward, How Does It Work visit  Here link,

plus Set up AutoPay and you will receive a $2 credit every 30 days. save money and safe and secure 100%.



Good Luck and your welcome to Public Mobile

with a Beautiful Service 

you will be very happy

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