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Mayor / Maire

Re: Cannot make outgoing calls or receive calls

@roxanne-michael wrote:

I feel your pain.  My situation is exactly the same.  Everything worked until it didn't.  I can text and receive texts but cannot call or receive calls because of the "long distance add-on" recording.  My package includes this but I still cannot receive or place calls.  The Moderator emailed me Wednesday of last week.  I replied the following day and this is Wednesday of a new week with no reply back.  I'm not sure Public Mobile is worth the cheaper bills when you have issues like this that can't be fixed in a timely manner.



Are you saying the moderator never replied back after you completed the verification?  I really think you need to message them again and let them know you've been waiting all this time for a fix to your issue. 


Just one other thing (if you haven't already done so) is to top up your account with $1 or $2 and reboot phone.  Sometimes this will reset the account.  Obviously ignore this if you've already tried it.