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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


The representative of Public Mobile wrote down my user name on the form.  The website rejected the user name.  Certain characters like periods, @ and others are not accepted.  I wrote a different user name and it may have worked.  I don't know.  

        My cell seems to work, however my daughter's cell doesn't work.  She's very upset and I got a splitting headache.  Why did I switch to Public Mobile?  I'll give it 24 hours then cancel the switch.  Telus is a very poorly managed company.  I had dealings with them before.

Mayor / Maire

Re: Activation

Could you provide further details please. Did you buy at like a Walmart or some type of Kiosk? As there is no public mobile stores. Everything is done online support is also online.


You buy a sim (at store or online) you activate it online and that is it. People in stores can activate it for you as well and they may or may not make a self serve account for you.


Your account username is your email and the password you chosen. Was these created? That is for your self serve account. Your community username which you're on now posting is a username you picked with a password.


PM is prepaid and no refunds.


What exactly was done? Did you sign up with brand new numbers or ported a number from another provider?


Do you have a self serve account?

Does your daughter?


What is the make and model of your daughter's phone?


When the sim card is in the phone does anything come up? 




Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: Activation

First of all sorry about your headache. I’ve had a couple since joining Public Mobile myself. Each new account must have its own email address. Try logging into this community with your daughter’s email address and contact a moderator by clicking the question mark in the black circle on this page.