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Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Re: 2 seperate convos


You receiving an SMS from your BF and also a duplicate SMS notification message.

Try turning off your notification setting on your message app.

Depending on model your LG phone, go to setting>app>messaging>disable notification setting.

I hope this helps.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: 2 seperate convos

No it didnt help and its not duplicate its the same conversation but in 2 seperate conversation so much I can even mute one of the convoys as if it was a diffrent number and like hes calling from a diffrent number but its the same number is this Makin sense

Mayor / Maire

Re: 2 seperate convos

@Woke_AF3    I would try to delete your BF from your contact completely first (no worry, just delete the contact, not a breakup  🤣  )      Make sure on your contact app, you change to read contact from your phone locally, Google , SIM card and make sure your BF contact is deleted from EVERYWHERE.


Then At the messaging app, delete cache.


reboot your phone.


Have your BF to message you again and see.


If it still fail, then you might want to try to use a temp. phone.  Put your SIM onto the temp phone.  Have your BF to text you.  If it is the same, it's a PM issue (then you need to open a ticket with the MOD).   If you just got one copy of the text , which is correct, then it is a phone issue.  You might then want to look further on the phone (maybe even a full re-setup of the phone)


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