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Mayor / Maire

Re: $15 plan incmong calls were calculated

@Korth I can confirm what was stated by @Nezgar . I recently called a Canadian toll free number (on the $15 plan from the Maritimes) and no minutes were used from my 100.

Mayor / Maire

Re: $15 plan incmong calls were calculated


I am in Saskatchewan (so using SaskTel physical towers), on the $15 plan, and 800 type calls do not consume minutes. Most probably nationwide.


What I noticed from testing is that the minutes will roll up in real time if you refresh the selfserve overview page during a call. Not so during a toll free call. Also interestingly 1 minute will immediately deduct when an outgoing call starts ringing - but if you end the call before the other end answers, the minutes used counter will actually subtract back to the starting amount.


Thinking too much now - another nicety would be if a call queue has a callback option, that would be included as well with the $15 plan.

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: $15 plan incmong calls were calculated

My own experience can also warrant that calls to toll-free numbers are not counted toward your plan minutes. 

Mayor / Maire

Re: $15 plan incmong calls were calculated

@Korth   I guess you've missed the many threads/posts discussing this over the last year or so that toll free numbers don't use airtime on the limited plans and as mentioned has been tested and confirmed by quite a few of us. 😊


BTW this holds true for discontinued $10 plan which only has 50 mins available in/out.


It makes sense to me that toll free calling shouldn't penalize customers with limited mins since those calls mean long waiting periods, quite often, just to connect to the right person/dept  which is completely out of the customer's control.


However, we also have to always remember, since this policy seems to be "unofficial" rather than standard practice by PM, it's up to customers to keep track of how this type of calling is being treated in their plans as things can and seem to change here without any official notice.

Mayor / Maire

Re: $15 plan incmong calls were calculated

Hey, I'm a cynic, lol. I don't believe outrageous claims unless I see outrageous evidence. I put little weight on internet hearsay, much weight on hard specs and legal shackles.


The OP post for this thread was the first time I've seriously considered this free-toll-free issue. I probably did dismissively gloss over "many" threads/posts about the topic before.

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