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This is Akhil.I tried to pay money using my card but I am getting a error- issuer declined the request.So i called my bank they said they accepted the request and the problem is from public mobile and not from the bank side.Please help


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


You can set up automatic payments through public mobile, so if you enter your card details on your account, it should automatically come out every month. 

Hope this helps, 🙂 goodluck 

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@thottempudiakhi Please, read this: Common Solutions: Credit Card Payment (Authorization / Not Accepted) Issues

You can pay with credit card by dial *611 from your phone.

If you are still have difficulties, you will need to send a private message to a Moderator_Team, they will help to resolve your problem!
Here is the link: click here
In your message, please provide your name, Public Mobile account number or phone number and PIN.
Good luck! Woman Happy

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