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so no way to get two lines in one account like a family?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Is it correct to say that it's not possible to get two or more lines in one account?

It's tedious to manage multiple accounts in the family. And it's actually discouraging for family to sign-up multiple lines especially when all the other carriers allow so.


@AE_Collector wrote:


I thought more than two accounts using the same card either wasn’t possible OR may raise some flags and/or problems?



@AE_Collector  I'm using the same cc on multiple accounts without any issues. Who told you it wasn't possible?

I thought I had read on here numerous times that a third account requires a different credit card. I only have two accounts on one credit card. Am I getting this confused with something else? Not sure what though...




It's not advisable to have three accounts go thru renewal on the same day with the same credt card as multiple charges in a short period of time from the same source could trigger a security/fraud lock. Thats why it best to have a max of two and stagger the activation of additional accounts over a couple of days.