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resetting my password - a big hassle

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

My password for SelfServe did not work, and the security code as well. I submitted a ticket to the Moderator team but have not heard from them since June 30th (today is July 5th). This is really disappointing as I am stuck not able to manage my account. It would be ideal that we receive an email, or Text, notification that our request was received. Not sure what my next step is.


Mayor / Maire


If you follow @softech instructions to check your inbox envelope icon. There should be a response from a moderator. If not, just hit the envelope icon and message the moderator to follow up with your request.

They will need your special PIN, email, address etc to avoid SIM swapping.

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I agree with @softech to follow up and/or create a new ticket.  They're humans, just like the rest of us, so it's possible they overlook something like this and should be able to get back to you soon.  🙂

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if you Submit a Ticket To Customer Service by Moderator Team,

go to your Private Messages and check it out there is will be.

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@bouhennache  did you check the Community inbox here? (envelop icon on the top right)


since it is too many days, you probably want to submit another request  


try this:


type: I forgot my Self Serve user name
Click "Contact Us"
Click "Click her to submit a ticket"

you will then got to another page to open ticket.
There, you will be prompted to enter COMUNNITY Login (NOT My Account/Self-Serve) to validate your identity,


Follow through the end and your ticket will be opened.


As i mentioned before.  monitor the Community Inbox here.