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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I seldom use my phone but for some reason, it will say when I am trying to phone you have used up all the minutes. 

As I said I seldom use  the phone.  when tis happens on the job site. it is very annoying.  solutions??? 


Mayor / Maire


If you are still on the $50 plan then you are getting the glitch message. Power off your phone for 10 minutes. If possible remove the sim card (If you are at home....not at work! Just reboot.). Reseat sim  card and power up the phone. Manually dial starting with the (1) a contact you do call often...spouse, parent, child, friend? The call should connect.


This glitch commonly occurs with new customers occurring less frequently until one day you are reminded of it (like here with you) and you can't remember the last time it happened to you. But if you don't use your voice services a lot then this glitch could take longer to disappear but if it occurs a lot and not gradually less frequent then contacting customer support and asking for your account to be reset and sim card reprovisioned could solve fhe issue.

Mayor / Maire



1. Please login to your My Account and review the main page. How many minutes of the 100 are used? Ie 80/100 tells you you have 20 minutes left of your 100. You should have also received  a text as well when only 10 minutes were left. Also review your usage from today back to your last renewal date......are those calls correct or ? If the 100 minute entry does not show.....that means all 100 minutes were consumed. 


2. Or is there a glitch that needs to be reported. 


3. Or if your 100 minutes were all used in advance of your next renewal I suggest that you buy 2 add ons of $5 for 500 Canada Wide minutes, giving you an additional 1000 minutes to use when your 100 minutes have all been used. And when you get down to 450 another $5 add on. Add ons expire when used up and are only used once your 100 minutes have all been used.   Buying the add ons will likely still be less than moving to a higher price plan of $25 or more. That is as long as you are ok with the 250mb of data. 

Mayor / Maire

@cjshepard   are you on $15 plan with only !00 outgoing minutes? 


Login to My Account and confirm if you have any minute left.  If you see a line "100 Minute Canada-wide Talk",  then you still have some minute left, you just need to reboot your phone once.

E-MyAcc-$15Plan Add-ons.png


If you do not see such a line, you really have used up your outgoing minutes.  You will either have to buy calls add-on or you have to rely on VoIP App.  As in why the minutes are gone, did you use your phone a lot for checking voicemail?  Checking VM from your phone counts towards your minute  bucket.   Also, minutes are count to the next minute, so  1 second call or 59 seconds call both count as 1 minute 



If you are on plan $25 or more, then it should be just a glitch, reboot your phone once and it should be good

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@cjshepard hi if you are on the limited plan you could buy the 500 min 5 dollar addon it will be on your account until it is all used up and is only used if you run out of your regular minutes 




Are you on the $15 plan with 100 outgoing minutes?  You could purchase the 500 minutes Canada wide talk add on for $5.  Unused minutes will roll over to next payment cycle until used up.  A good value for the $15 plan.  


From Public mobile:

Talk minutes are counted whenever you make calls on your phone. Talk time is calculated from the start of a call to when it is disconnected, and includes ring time and call routing. Total call time is always rounded up to the nearest minute. Please note that calls to voicemail and forwarding calls will use plan minutes.