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need help switching back to rewards from points

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I had noticed my account has been switched to the points system and would like to switch back to rewards.
I had signed up for the 15g 40$ plan and noticed it has been switched to points. I had just canceled the switch and would like to go back to rewards plan or would like to keep the 40$ 15g plan and stay on the rewards system.


any help would be appreciated. thanks.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Yes but honestly the old system was much more profitable for the consumer and lower costs for our elderly in this low fixed income of seniors it was affordable and I am sorry but your opinion varies from mine 

I don't think it's that much in the face of users trying to switch plans, however it's very much in the forefront on plan descriptions.


That alone may cause some users to believe they ought to switch to public points.

Mayor / Maire

Are you saying that when you change your monthly plan that PM incorporates:

An option to change from $ rewards to points?


You are forced to change from $ rewards to points?


Is it clearly worded?


Is there a second “are you sure” verification?



"It wouldn't surprise me if the simple act of 'tapping' or replying 'yes' to a future SMS text campaign will irreversibly switch unsuspecting users.    Oops... maybe I just gave them an idea."


Lol...lets hope not!!  

I get a real laugh when i see that on the self-serve landing page @dabr   😂


I've even played along and tapped on it to see where it takes me ... it's a short-lived adventure.


It wouldn't surprise me if the simple act of 'tapping' or replying 'yes' to a future SMS text campaign will irreversibly switch unsuspecting users.    Oops... maybe I just gave them an idea.   

@HALIMACS   Agree that I think there's definitely a lack of transparancy and almost something underhanded in the way PM promotes the value of the old rewards vs the new  public points system. 


Every time I login to my account there's this big claim that I could be saving more by switching to the points, which we know just isn't true for most customers, except for customers on the the higher value plans, but even there any extra payment discount gets offset by the lower value on the loyalty rewards overtime.

Sure, however we all know less than 5% EVER read the fine print.   (i'm one of those geeks when something sounds too good to be true...)


And about the same percentage bother to ask on this Community before making changes.


So PM introduces something new last year around this time, and praises it like it's a superior offering, people believe that, and they switch.   


That's trust.


That's also the 'deceitful' part.


It takes users like us, INCLUDING oracles to chime and say, "NO WAY".



Deceitful is putting it mildly.


Under their plan descriptions, right under the plan amount, it's right there.   


"3x points back" with an attractive dollar savings.   Buried in the small print is that it's a time-limited promotion for new activations.


It's a purposeful act of trying to coax those on the old reward system and unsure (or not curious enough to ask) whether plan changes require an old rewards user to also switch to Public Points.


Pretty slick, PM.   🙄

I see it differently.   They roll out new system,  they let us to choose to go or stay.  People not read the terms carefully,  that's no one to blame but themselves 


many businesses introduced new rewards system and migrate everyone over.  I see PM did the right thing

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

100 percent agree i was one of them 

@Chrissyrioux12- To play on the words of your last clause, it wasn't very honest of pm with the way they rolled it all out. It was quite confusing to the point of deceiving that caused some people to mistakenly sign up for points thinking they somehow had to.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

This is extremely disappointing their points system is very sucky and a way for pm to save money honestly 

Mayor / Maire


The OP never came back to confirm but their wording strongly suggests that they were confused by the poor wording about points earning on the $40/15gb plan and they never actually switched to the points program?

Mayor / Maire


Log into your rewards account and confirm which program you are on? Alternatively look at your upcoming bill. If you see rewards deducted then you have not switched and you can ignore the poor messaging on your plan details.

Mayor / Maire

hi @supaboii so, if you log into My Rewards site, do you see everything referring to points? if it is, then you are on Public Points and there is no way to go back to the old rewards system.  Sorry

Mayor / Maire


the only way to switch to points is through your my rewards account. did you opt for the switch? changing to the $15/40gb plan does not automatically switch you to points. you may be reading it incorrectly. you can login to your my rewards and it will tell you if you're on points 

Mayor / Maire

@supaboii Sorry, you cannot go back


The old system no longer accepting entry or re-entry.  You are stuck on the new system.


Many asked but none success


Mayor / Maire

It CANNOT be done. Switch to Points is irreversible. Your only option left is to opt out from ANY rewards (points) but then you will have nothing.

Mayor / Maire


Sorry but there's no going back, once you've switched to the points program.

Mayor / Maire

Gosh, @supaboii , that's a one-way street.


One can ONLY move to Public Points.   They cannot move to the old Rewards program.


Or, they can opt out of all rewards altogether (not recommended, though)



Mayor / Maire

@supaboii   Sorry, but once you switch to the new points systems then there's no going back to the old rewards.  Others have already asked and been told that.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@supaboii @I unfortunately there is no way / that moves is a one way street