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my rewards not showing up

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi, I've setup auto payment and referral but not receiving the deduction in my monthly payment for the past 4 months? can someone please assist?



Mayor / Maire

HI @wanwan88  if you just joined PM now, there is no more autopay rewards as you will be on the new rewards system.    But you will earn 5% in Public points and you redeem 15 points for $15 bill credit. 

Mayor / Maire

@wanwan88 - log into your My Account or app and check your payment history:

choose the 6 month history and see what changed at the 4 month mark.

Note, none of us are Public employees on the community forum Get Help section, so we can't see your account. WE can only suggest things to help you find your way to fixes/solutions.


@wanwan88   did you join after Jan  25 , 2022?  Anyone joined after that day will be on the new rewards system, Public Points.  (or if you joined before that date,  did you migration from old to new Public points?)

With the new system ,there is no more $2 autopay discount.  You still have the referral bonus if you refer friends, but  you will receive points instead.  With this new system, you will collect points, and you can redeem for $15 bill credit once you have 15 points

Go to your My Account, click Rewards tab, it will show if you are on the old or new rewards system and will show how many points you have now

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