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my old phone number would not dail through

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

old phone xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

new phone xxxxxxxxxxxxx


I changed/updated phone number as an emergency protocol due to my number not dialing through and I moved back a while ago to NL so I just thought it a good idea.  Also was suspicious of fraud on my old number.  I have no idea why but since I updated/changed to my new number with public mobile, none of my services are working with any of my important accounts. I have managed to update my phone with some of my accounts outside of public mobile.  However, my phone number on some of the accounts that I couldn't access is still xxxxxxxxx.  There have been codes sent out to this old number that I am assuming is not in service now.  I am wondering if there is any way that I can access my phone calls or access numbers or if you could provide me with the data necessary to access my email account with gmail.  I had to open a new one and cannot get in.  I also am worried because in the past I had someone get access to my banking and put a big purchase on there.  I had to update all of my information and yet running into problems because I am not being recognized for who I actually am.  I am concerned about identity theft as well for this reason.  I could be mistaken but it seems rather strange.  I understand that security levels these days are higher than usual because of the war in Ukraine and excess scams fraudster etc gaining access to accounts.  Therefore I am reaching out to prevent this and to give you a warning that this may have occurred.  And also to address the issues that it has caused.  I do not know how to resolve this issue on my own.  Please advice.  


Mayor / Maire


Follow @softech 's advice on how to update your phone number for certain accounts. However if you very recently changed phone numbers and the original number was a telus/koodo/pm # you could contact customer support to see if it's available.


For peace of mind and easier account recovery if you can get the number consider activating a new account and referring yourself. You pay for the $15 plan and gain access to your accounts and update the phone number. On day 30 you suspend via lost/stolen before midnight eastern. This will keep your voicemail active if you need any verification codes sent by voice calls or if an old friend digs out your phone number and decides to reconnect they can leave you a voicemail.


Around day 87/88 you resume service and pay to reactivate for 30 days and repeat the process or if needed you can reactivate earlier. If you plan this and order an activation bundle from Canadian Cell Supplies you will recieve a free sim card and 20% off the first month. $15 - $3=$12 Your sim card will arrive in about 5 business days via Canada Post and you contact CCS to activate using your referral code. For the first year it will cost....


$12+gst for your first 30 days (month #1)+$10 bonus referral credit=$10 account credit and suspend for 88 days. Resume service and add $5+$10 (account credit)=$15 - $15 (month #5) and suspend for 88 days. Resume and pay $15 - $15 (month #9) and suspend for 88 days. At just shy of one year the cost of maintaining the phone number is $12+$5+$15=$32 - $3 (referral rewards for your other phone #)=$29+tax.


Resume and pay $15 - $15 ( month #13). This account will earn points. 5pts (welcome points)+ 3pts (5% back in points)=8pts+10pts(anniversary points)=18pts ($18 value). Redeem for a $15 account credit and suspend for 88 days. Resume and pay with your $15 account credit (month #17). Suspend for 88 days. Resume and pay $15 (month #21). Suspend for 88 days. Year#2=$30 - $3 referral rewards=$27


Resume and pay $15 - $15 (month #25) Points 3pts+2.25pts (5%)+10pts (anniversary pts) =15.25pts and so on.....Year#3=$30 - $3 referral rewards=$27 The 5 year cost=$137+tax


Time your activation if possible 15 days before or after your other accounts renewal to get your minimum $1 reward×3 months=$3. Time your 30 day cycles to be active in December for "more is merrier" add on gifts from pm. This is a rare case of the points system being more advantageous than the rewards system.



You can abandon the account when you want but can rest assured no one has your original phone number. The "more is merrier" gifts are worth $30 (2gb data add on) and up to $25 (500 international long distance calling minutes)=$55+3×30 days of extra service per year/net $27





To contact customer support click below:

To pre-verify your account include your full name, address, email, phone # and 4 digit acct pin #

@Creative_4   For Google account, check this page and see if it works, it gives you couple way to log back in:



@Creative_4   Since the issue is obviously not resolved yet,  you might have clicked Accepted as Solution by accident.  You might want to click on the down arrow on the top right of my post earlier and click Not a solution and pick a good solution when everything is resolved.



@Creative_4 wrote:



How to  what ? 

Which exact service that cannot send text to your new number?  did you try to change number on those system?  Let us know the service (Google? other email system?) and we will try to find out how 


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


Mayor / Maire

@Creative_4   Please removed your phone number.  It is a public forum and you don't want your number posted here


As to the change number.  How long you have make the number change?  you said some of the accounts couldn't access still tied with the old number.  You have to contact support for those sites to update the number on their record.  Did you try ?  


No, you won't be able to access your old number again since you changed it.  But no worry, telecom won't give out your number yet.  It will have to go through cool down period before it will be available to be used by new owner again