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incoming and outgoing calls don’t work!!!

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I paid the account and the phone still not working!!! my son can’t make or receive calls!!! I will not pay my bill if he can’t use this service!!!


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Are you a new customer? Can you log into self service and see what the Account Status is? Is it Active?


When was renewal date?


Have you tried rebooting, resetting network settings, reinstalling SIM card?

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Is he on the $10 plan?

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Do not post personal information on a public forum pls. Also this is a prepaid service so you already paid. 

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HI @flepore   You had a post last week about updating your credit card.  So, you are an existing customer?


you have updated the credit card already?   Did you make a manual payment after?  You need to make one to resume the service

If you did make the payment, can you check what is showing in the Available Fund?  Just want to see if it is just sitting there and not used to reactivate the service


And how much you paid?


Can you login My Account and provide a screenshot showing Available Fund and activate status? Make sure you cross out the name , account number , phone number and other personal info

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Going forward you may want to manually pay the amount for renewal a day or 2 before so you avoid this situation in the future 

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Funny why people pay their bill last minute. The CC will have a cutoff billing dates so it doesn’t matter if the bill is paid earlier.

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You lost me, not sure your point here but I don't think we are talking about thrle same thing 

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Just pointing out that you don't have to wait until the last minute to pay your bill as long as you pay after the cutoff date for your next CC bill. Eg. My Visa cutoff date is the 13th of each month but my renewal date is around 23rd based on 30 days. If I pay on the 14th (9 days early of renewal date) then I will pay for the PM amount the following month Visa bill date. Hope this make sense.

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@flepore  - you are talking to customers and members here on the forum, just like yourself.

Are you able to provide more information (no personal info. here though) and answer some of the questions being asked? These answers are helpful to know when trying to troubleshoot if this is a phone, SIM, account or network issue.


If the account status is Active, try the SIM card into another compatible phone to see if services work.

Check that the phone is not locked. If locked, contact the previous provider to unlock it for you. You will need your imei number, dial *#06# to get it.

Check if your phone is not listed as blacklisted here:


If the account status is Suspended, and it shows $0 owing, try adding a $1 top-up payment. 

Or try

  1. Go to “Plan and Add-Ons” TAB
  2. Select "Lost/Stolen Phone" TAB
  3. Select "Suspend Service" BUTTON
  4. Then, Select Resume/Reactivate Service
  5. Log off your account. Log back in. Reboot your phone.