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iMessage phone # won't verify - no SMS

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So frustrated...  Ported 3 lines and none of the 3 are working.  No texts - no standard SMS or iMessage is working.  Can't do 2FA OTP for work and so frustrated.

Multiple messages over the past 2 days to support - nothing, zilch, nada.  

Can't even port out to another vendor as we can't get the SMS message to verify the port.  

Had such high hopes for this service - so disappointed this is where we are at.  I would love to just simply get what we have paid for, or to be able to get out and to a different carrier.



HI @Madi-B 

For your SMS issue, PM is having problem provisioning text capability for new activations.  And as you are an iPhone user,  iMessage activation by phone number will also be impacted without a working SMS.

PM is working on a fix but for now, they can only resolve the issue on a case by case basis.  Please open ticket with PM support by messaging CS Agent here (Please have each of the 3 account to open its own ticket, so 3 tickets total)
**Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after ticket submitted, CS Agent will reply to you there
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