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i dont have time for this confusion and have the proof

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Rewards====here is my reward file  now go see below my payment on credit card

As of today your estimated payment is: $20Your next plan cycle starts: Sep 10, 2021
Plan Cost (Including Discounts)$25


Total Rewards earned
As of today your estimated payment is:

Actual amount may change based on account activity prior to your payment due date.
10 day plans are not eligible for rewards.


i have no time for this bull**bleep** it seems i been screwed last 3 years


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Good point @hairbag1  .... maybe someone needs to go back and read the how to be nice  posting . 😉  😀

All about making a learning experience for others I would guess as much as helping the original problem owner . 

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@t_p wrote:

What's the point of coming up with all those "solutions" that ultimately will send the OP to Customer Service to sort it out?

The time he spends reading through all the "maybes" and guessworks would be more productive dealing directly with a CSA whose job is specifically required in this kind of situations.



@t_p   First of all, only couple users like answer  by straightly asking them to go to open ticket with PM.  Most of us don't


Second, CSA does not reply by live chat or on phone, they reply via messages.  And trust me, CSA initial replies would be the same as our asks for the OP.  But.. CSA takes at least 30 mins for a reply back and forth, could be 2 to 4 hours.  For us, we reply quick.  As long as the OP stays on the forum and reply, the back and forth time could be within 5 mins.  So, it is a lot more productive


Also, many OP did not explain clearly what was wrong, what have been done.   We aske all those questions and OP at least tried some of the workarounds.  We help to better prepare OP  when he/she finally go back to PM and open the ticket.  The OP could tell CSA what was done and again that cuts down the back and forth.


@esjliv wrote:

EDIT: looking at those you have more than one account with Public Mobile??

If somebody has multiple accounts with PM and is using the same credit card, they all will be charged separately and shown separately in cc statement, not as one payment...

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@t_p wrote:

What's the point of coming up with all those "solutions" that ultimately will send the OP to Customer Service to sort it out?

So what is the point asking question in a forum supported by customers like you then?

Anybody who just glanced at the forum will figure out that some answers are referral to CSA who are PM employees. Almost all such answers have links and suggestions which link is preferable.

Most of us here are not chasing few bucks rewards (well... maybe some do) but are here to help others, learn and understand how PM works.

Not to mention that community has wast knowledge and way faster response than CSA.

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Like the others, I'm both curious about what happened and also wanted to mention about timing.  It's possible to get "overcharged" despite having rewards/credits in your account, either because of the timing of when credits get awarded, or a system glitch.  Credits "missed" (hence the overcharge) are usually applied the next month.  Regardless, a CS Agent will be able to pinpoint the exact issue for you... let us know how it goes!  🙂


Good catch on that calculation, @z10user4 - I wonder if that scenario is what occurred here.

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@z10user4 wrote:


Where are you getting $5 rewards from?



$2 autopay , $2 years loyalty ,  maybe a referral $1, maybe a reward  for community  he does have a number of posts ? They do just throw them in the "reward " pot at times don't they ? 

 @barndoor : I was going on the payment made. He showed $22 (+tax) on his payment card. I worked back from that. That comes to $3 in rewards. Could be the peculiar referral thing we see on occasion for the other $2. Which is why I asked.

i still thinking something not add up here.


cycle starts Sept 10

payment showing August 23




A little history here....the OP has indeed been a customer for nearly 2 years. He is a Quebec customer and works on the road thus an early morning post and nothing since as we encourage customers to leave their phone alone when behind the wheel. I suspect we will hear from the OP in 2 or 3 hours unless they themselves has realized their confusion.


From what I have gathered in this time since the OP joined pm is they have a side business of reselling phones and helps manage some accounts and help activate others on pm. This may be their personal account with autopay $2+ loyalty $1+referrals $2 or community $2=$5 (as of writing I suspect there maybe a community reward I will have to check....) This where the confusion probably lies that a reward was earned and the OP thinks this should be applied every month/renewal which is why the previous autopay charge is $2 more than the upcoming estimated payment. I was hoping the OP would clarify the question be asked.....


But it's all about getting the puck in the net.....right?


lol..... @dboxtvinfo715  .....sorry I couldn't resist!!😃👍👢😈🎁🎄....💩💣💥🤔😅😅😂😂🤣🤣🤣